Variations On A Theme—Jewelry Fair 2011


I remember attending the Jewelry Fair last year and can hardly believe a whole year has gone by since then. The Jewelry Fair is open and will run through September 25th. This is one of my favorite events in SL and this year it has been designed around four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The four sims, designed by Angelica Leiner of Angelic Designs and Roseana Pera of Pixie Paradise, are gloriously rendered and in my opinion are as photo-worthy as the jewelry.

Elements Final

Every year I marvel at the imaginative talent that is brought to bear on this event. A portion of the money raised at the Jewelry Fair is donated to Oxfam, and it is heartening to see the widespread embrace of this cause by the jeweler’s community. As I went through the sims for the first time, it was apparent that many designers had taken on the theme whole-heartedly and brought not only their regular designs, but also items that reflect the four Elements themes of this year’s fair.  So below are some of my favorite examples from our creative jewelry designers in SL. Next to each item description is the location of the sim where the designer display is located.

Earth Final

1:  EarthStones: Tree of Life – Fall by Abraxxa Anatine, located in the Fire sim
2: Primalot: Spring Has Sprung by Manya McMahon, located in the Air sim
3: Ripe: Green Tweetle Dee by Hempy Weezles, located in the Earth sim
4: Star Kindler Designs Filigree Tree Platinum Earrings by Elbereth Nightfire, located in the Fire sim

Air Final

1: G&T Creations Wings of Love by Greenie Lane, located in the Air sim
2: Je Suis: Leah by Julia Merosi, located in the Air sim
3: Ariel: September by Mericatherine Quinnell, located in the Air sim
4: J and W Jewelers Michele’s Whisper by Wenadrenia Soderstrom, located in the Air sim

Fire Final

1: Axiom: Into the Void by RH Engel, located in the Water sim
2: Elemental Earth Designs: Flame and Bangles-Fire by Sirena Penucca, located on the Earth sim
3: Aurora Borealis: Elemental Fire by Sequoia Nightfire, located in the Air sim
4: Dragon Charm Designs: Flaming Rose Necklace by Ephedra Loon, located on the Fire Sim

Water Final

1: Cento Pallini: Blessings of the Sea by Caran Juran, located in the Air sim
2: Calamity Hathaway Creations: Dolphin Charm Bracelet and Ocean Charm Bracelet by Calamity Hathaway, located in the Earth sim
3: Iron Tiger: Travels By Sea Pendant and Earrings by Una Basevi, located in the Earth sim
4: Kunglers Extra: Estrela Silver by AvaGardner Kungler, located in the Earth sim

There is soooo much more than this at the Jewelry Fair—there is a variety of styles and designs and there truly is something for everyone. Even if you are not into jewelry (perish the thought!), the sims are definitely worth a visit just for their stunning design.

For additional information, the following websites provide more details:

Wishing you all very happy jewelry hunting!!!

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