Under the Sea

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite places in SL—the Heart Reef Resort. Any of you who use primarily type-chat to communicate probably have run into the problem of typing while trying to direct your avatar in walking, riding, swimming, or doing any user-controlled activity in SL. The Heart Reef Resort has a large variety of automated tours for bike riding, swimming, walking and even donkey-riding—so you can type chat to your heart’s desire and also see beautiful sights along the way. It must be said that it is a gorgeous sim with beautiful attention to detail. Most of the automated tours  are designed for either one or two people so go on your own or with someone you love.  My favorites there are the underwater tours, or, if you have a swimming hud then just check out some of the lovely places to swim around and nice things to see:

There is a lot of swimwear in SL, and there is something for everyone, whether you want to bare it all or go for more subtlety. As a member of the subtlety-in-swimwear-sexiness party, I do have to say that the options for one-piece or even more modest two-piece swim suits are far less common, which makes it so exciting to find beautiful ones when you can. Decoy, however, gives you the option for both with the Sanrio bikini and halter set. You can cover up more…

….or less…

and be confident that you are looking your most gorgeous as you swim by yourself, with your love, with turtles or whatever else you happen to find down there!

Picture 1:
Swimmer hud: http://slurl.com/secondlife/WaterWorks/179/24/25
Swimsuit: http://slurl.com/secondlife/WaterWorks/179/24/25
Hair: Truth Francesca Espresso
Picture 2 & 3:
Swimsuit: [Decoy] Sanrio – Midnight Pink Bikini and Halter
Hair: Analog Dog Ais dark

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