To Write Love On Her Arms

TWLOHA is a benefit that is going on through April 30th, on behalf of those who suffer from depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. As a high school teacher I have seen quite a bit of this among teenagers and it is something that breaks my heart—the teenage years are hard enough without having to deal with these crippling feelings. I am including some information here from TWLOHA’s website that indicates how widespread these issues are.

  • 121 million people worldwide suffer from depression. (World Health Organization)
  • 18 million of these cases are happening in the United States. (The National Institute of Mental Health)
  • Between 20% and 50% of children and teens struggling with depression have a family history of this struggle and the offspring of depressed parents are more than three times as likely to suffer from depression. (U.S. Surgeon General’s Survey, 1999)
  • Depression often co-occurs with anxiety disorders and substance abuse, with 30 percent of teens with depression also developing a substance abuse problem. (NIMH)
  • 2/3 of those suffering from depression never seek treatment.
  • Untreated depression is the number one cause of suicide, and suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers. (NIMH)

100% of the money raised from the items at TWLOHA is donated directly to the organization. Aurora Deischer has  been very clear about providing documentation to follow up on the allocation of these funds. In a world where we see so many scams, it is refreshing to find a worthy cause and to work with people who are dedicated to making a difference. Please take the opportunity to check out some of the great items being offered this week only!




TWLOHA items:

Cottage: buttons. lil charm her cottage:

Step Ladder: [Scusi] Garden Ladder

Shirt: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Love, Pink

Pose: Baffle

Other items:

Boots: ::Duh!:: Women’s Cowboy Boots Brown

Shorts: DCNY_Lacey Shorts_Dark Wash

Hair: Maitreya Moon – Almond

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