To Be Sung Upon the Water

Beautiful, my delight,
Pass, as we pass the wave.
Pass, as the mottled night
Leaves what it cannot save,
Scattering dark and bright.

Beautiful, pass and be
Less than the guiltless shade
To which our vows were said;
Less than the sound of the oar
To which our vows were made,
Less than the sound of its blade
Dipping the stream once more.

— Louise Bogan, To Be Sung Upon the Water; music by Samuel Barber




Trees: Little Branch Banyan Tree (@Wayward Carnival), Weeping Willow by Cari McKeenan

Cattails: Cattail bushes by Cari McKeenan (@Wayward Carnival)

Lilies: Botanical by Kriss Lehmann

Gazebo: Vespertine Garden Folly by Amelie Knelstrom (for Fifty Linden Friday 7/24)

Rowboat: Rowboat with Oars by Reya Jonson

Crane: *UI* Crane Mesh by Eldowyn Inshan

Poses: Eliza Quixote

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