This is an outfit that in RL I would probably never pay money for, because it’s not practical for things like stepping over backpacks and running up and down stairs. I would also hate to get chalk dust all over it. And my attempts at fashion would probably inspire scorn and mockery on the part of my students. However, in SL my students are well-behaved and never leave their backpacks in the aisle for me to fall over. They never mock me and never lose their homework. And I look more like the proverbial hot substitute in this white sleeveless top from Elymode, which I would probably be fired over if I actually wore it to school.

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My shoes are from Shiny Things, one of my favorite shoe stores in SL. My belt is from Nyte N’ Day, and breaks up the monotony of the black and white.


All I can say is darn those backpacks in the aisles.

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