Taking The Leap

The buzz around my office is that the school year is going by amazingly fast and that 3rd quarter feels especially crunched. It’s barely the end of February and already we are working on course planning and textbooks for next September. There is a widely held theory at my school that pretty much once you hit Thanksgiving it’s all practically over for the year. It’s a preposterous idea, but this year it feels like there some truth to it. Keeping up is a challenge, and leaves less time for other things, as is pretty obvious from my blog slow-down. So I am glad for a leap day this year, although I am not sure that in the end it really works out as extra time. But spring break is coming, so that will  be a nice chance to regroup and remember things outside of work, like my name and where I live and that I do have a husband, and as I recall I kind of like him. So when Vero Modero sent out the notices for the new spring collection, I was more than ready to jump on board!

I am such a fan when Bou makes casual clothes, they always look so perfect and I always wish I had them in RL. This is an outfit that I would love to wear to school, but I am afraid I would get chalk dust and whiteboard marker all over it, so maybe it would  be better suited to prancing around some fabulous European city.


My mesh necklace and ring are from the fabulous Maxi Gossamer, who will be participating in March Mesh Madness, which opens tomorrow. Both of these items will be available at the fair…don’t pass up the chance to check out her amazing designs!

Hair: >TRUTH< Maggie – espresso by Truth Hawks

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Green by Ikon Innovia

Necklace: MG – Pearl Necklaces – Combo – Short – BLACK by Maxi Gossamer (@March Mesh Madness—opens tomorrow)

Jacket: VERO MODERO / Prepp Karo Jacket Green by Bouquet Babii

Ring: MG – Silver Drop with Jet – Small by Maxi Gossamer (@March Mesh Madness—opens tomorrow)

Cami: jane.femme.lace cami.bk raven by Janie Marlowe

Pants: VERO MODERO / Prepp Pant by Bouquet Babii


Poses: Reel Expression

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