Yes, it’s a dragon. Yes, those are two regular woman avs high in the air with no wings or other visible means of plastering themselves to the side of said dragon. And yet there they are.

This photo is in a little different vein than is usual for me, but I have always been a fan of fantasy, and have no qualms about suspending my disbelief. Most of the time. (Polar bears and penguins on a temperate-themed sim drive me wild)

Thanks to Bastion for the chance to stretch my wings. (Oh wait, I don’t have any.)



Hair: [ 69 ] DIVA – Dark Chestnut by Kumii Yoshikawa

Skin: -Glam Affair – Magenta skin – Asia by Aida Ewing (@the Season’s Story)

Body Armor: The Earth Warrior by Sephiroth Ashland

Leg Armor: [The Forge] Cadeyrn Lower Leg Armour Gold by Deccan Arida

Pose: Bastion Flare

You can check out what Bastion’s model is wearing on his blog: What Flare Wears

Harvest Time

My friend Gypsy was kind enough to do this photo shoot with me this week—I had been wanting to do it for sometime, but one thing or another kept popping up…you know how it goes. Anyway, we started off with this adorable hay bale and cornstalk group set from Adele Rhiadra.


Next we tried out a Halloween gift from Katey Coppola. we called this our Charlie’s Angels pumpkin stance (although we are both wearing decidedly more clothes than any Angel I ever saw). Watch out, a pumpkin can do quite a bit of damage, you know!


I have many beautiful friends in the SL world but Gypsy has got to be right up there at the top of the list. Sometimes she will show up and I will just stare. Not creepily, mind you. Just in that envious, I-hate-you-but-really-just-want-to-be-you way. Just look at that face—no, let’s call it what it is—the whole package;  it’s just stunning. In the pictures where there are two of us, your eyes go right to her. And even when I am a bad friend and don’t talk to her for weeks and then say “Hey, come let me take your picture and by the way could you come up with a stylish outfit?!?!” she doesn’t bat an eye, just shows up looking like a million bucks. She simply stands out because of who she is, and I am grateful that we get to travel this SL path together for a time.




Hair: Iconic Tinka Brown by Neveah Niu

Skin: R.icielli EOS Tan by Vliet Troncon

Top: Kyoot Cotton mini dress red by Saeya Nayanda

Hipscarf: Boho Hobo hipscarf brown by Trill Zapatero

Tights: Kyoot Winter Florals by Saeya Nayanda

Boots: KBoots brown by Ju Weissnicht

Necklace: KOSH Lotus Necklace by Lynaja Bade


Hair: [ 69 ] JESSICA 02 – Light Mauve by Kumi Yoshikawa

Skin: Al Vulo Eliza natural clear bronze by Hlin Bluebird

Top: Longsleeve Boatneck.Tee (Green) by Darling Monday

Jacket: JANE – barn jacket.harvest.truffle [fair] by Janie Marlowe

Pants: .:A&M:. I <3 my jeans - Dark Blue by Mala Oh

Boots: J’s Lace-up Short Boots Dark Brown by JB Gasov

Hay Bale Set: Zoe’s Garden Harvest Seating by Adele Rhiadra

Pumpkin Set: Glitterati Seasons Fall (hunt gift) by Katey Coppola

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Cream

My mother grew up on a dairy farm and actually really liked milking cows.  One of my sisters had a passionate wish to be a farmer, and so my mother dutifully took her down to the dairy farm so she could get to know the animals that she would be working with one day. Having lived on a farm for most of her life, she definitely knew the cure for a farming passion!

So as you can imagine, my sister got a whiff of what farm animals smell like. And the dream of being a farmer died a swift and ignominious death.

I am sure these adorable SL cows are as sweet-smelling as the field of flowers around them. And what would we do without cream? Ice cream, whipped cream, chowder, sour cream, the world just wouldn’t be as pleasurable without them. So thank you dear cows, even if you don’t smell like roses we are still glad you are around!


Hair: [ 69 ] OLIVIA 03 – Chestnut –

Sweater: Baku cream knitted cardi

Pants: – Trouser (cream)

Necklace: salt. vintage mixed pearls


Location: Dimrill Dale

9 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Cream

  1. Ygrey Auer

    Eliza, you’re so pretty!
    Preciosa foto.

  2. samayalin

    Beautiful picture and cute cows!

  3. Rudhmellowen

    Heyyyyy can I come and live on your farm too… I am a cow!!!!

  4. gilliangalicia

    I grew up on a dairy farm, too! Lovely shot, Eliza. You look fabulous!

  5. Anichka Savira

    You look adorable! I love that the one cow looks suspicious of you, like hrm…is she going to try to tip me?

  6. Nicandra Laval

    Nice story Eliza.. and i love your outfit !!!
    greetings Nic

  7. usuallyblonde

    Gorgeous look. I love the smell of cows; it’s so familiar and comforting, although at my house I only have room for cats and dogs!

  8. Laila Laperriere

    Great post pretty lady. Dont forget the coffee mate french vanilla creamer for your morning cup of java. That is something I could not do without. Ahhh, lifes little pleasures =) xoxo

  9. ayakofirecaster

    Great pic! And what a neat little bit of your history to go along with it.


This fun Derriere Challenge comes from Gogo over at Juicy Bomb. I was talking about it to a friend today and he said that usually butts look better when they are clothed. I had to laugh, but sort of secretly agree. Sadly, the maker of my very favorite shorts of all time in SL closed up shop almost a year ago. Thank goodness I got them in time! I am also appreciating this recently released pose from Katey Coppola that allows me to shake my booty but also show one of my favorite items from the jewelry fair—the Beach Trash bracelet from Cento Pallini.




Hat: [SC] Surf Couture – Straw Cowboy Hat- Sunshine

Bikini top: [SC] Surf Couture – Moana Bikini – Lemons n Limes

Shorts: (nova) denim jeans SHORTS light wash (Closed)

Shoes: [Detour] MixFlip Sneakers – Multi – Small

Hair: [ 69 ] RIA – Noir

Bracelet: *CentoPallini* Beach Trash [Bracelet] Brown (Jewelry Fair)

Location: Belle Bayou