52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Electric Indigo

Today is my one-year blog anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than with a great color challenge???  I was actually thinking this was going to be a hard week, but the problem turned out to be too much indigo rather than not enough!

For our first electric color, I decided to honor Ben Franklin, that canny jack-of-all-trades that brought us greater understanding of the properties of electrical forces. (I stole that line from my scientifically-minded friend Stewart) While perhaps his key did not glow, and he definitely did not have as sassy a kite as I have, he certainly paved the way for future electric fabulousness. For those of you who don’t know the key story, you can read about it here.


Now for a couple of fabulous new items. First of all, Arkesh Baral at Mayfly has released her first mesh eyes. I have to admit to some uncertainty about how a mesh eye would work, but they were a cinch, and even better, they are resizeable so if the iris is too big or small you can adjust. And yes, they do work with the GI eye autofocus hud. All good so far! Oh, and did I mention how beautiful they are?


And last but not least, Maxi Gossamer is jumping on the mesh bandwagon with her gorgeous jewelry designs. These earrings were perfect for this week’s color, although I have to admit I loved all the colors that were available:

EARINGS - mother of pearl - FATPACK

And since it’s my blog anniversary, I wanted to do a little something on the fun side…so I will be giving away a fat pack of Maxi’s earrings to three lucky commenters on this post. Here’s how it will work: next Friday, January 20th, I will randomly choose three names from the list of comments. Please feel free to comment, even if you are not a blogger! The only restriction is that the prize will be delivered in-world and you must have a Second Life avatar name!

So many of you leave the sweetest and most encouraging comments here and this is my way of saying thanks for your wonderful camraderie. Here’s to you and to many more blog posts, my friends!

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee/Cocoa by Catwa Clip (new)

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Midnight Purple) by Arkesh Baral (new)

Earrings: MG – Earring-Shell-Teardrop-Peacock Eye by Maxi Gossamer

Top: Pixel Dolls Indigo Reveiller Long Top by Dolce Blackflag

Shorts: K.I.T. – Shorts / Deauville white by  Mimikri Kit

Shoes: :{MV}: Dottie Cobalt by Lokii Violet

Kite: Turquise Balloon Kite by  Martini Discovolante

21 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Electric Indigo

  1. Veronica Ogleby

    Beautiful! 🙂

  2. Anichka Savira

    Those boot kick ass and the earrings are so pretty. You made this color look easy.

  3. Lashae Karsin

    I love those earrings!! The shoes and your eyes totally rock as well. Great job!

  4. Arya Braveheart

    So cool. Great pics. Love the kite prop too!

  5. Ygrey Auer


  6. Simply Dou

    Love the eyes 🙂

  7. Alexandra

    Loved the iilustration of the key story, wanted the earrings, enjoyed the post !

  8. Sam Laszlo

    Good job 🙂

  9. Ysabel Beaumont

    I like how you picked the earings that match your eye color for the pics… They are really nice earings!

  10. villemo inglewood

    Lovely eyes!

  11. Bourbon Zenovka

    Happy anniversary, Eliza! You have such a soft, pretty face to start with, and adding in those eyes… WOW! And such a warm, spring-like outfit. Warms this chilly, cloudy day we’re having around here:)

  12. Nicandra Laval

    oh wow that close-up.. super picture…bye bye Nic

  13. Laila Laperriere

    OOHH I dont know what I love more, the eyes, those earrings or how about those..omg, need I say it. Yes, yes I have to…SHOES!!!!!!! Gorgeous dahlink! xoxo

  14. samayalin

    Happy anniversary! I hope you didn’t get zapped by lightning while taking those pictures 😉

    Those earrings are so pretty! Pity I can’t wear any earrings, since I have no human ears to wear them on 🙁

  15. Asia Romano

    Happy Anniversary. Such a cute pic and I am totally loving those mesh earrings 🙂

  16. Monica

    Love the earrings and eyes!

  17. Starla Huntress

    Happy Anniversary!!!! The earring are beautiful.

  18. The Uncommon Muse

    What a cute look…I love the indigo and the white togehter!

  19. ~Caroline

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  20. ~Caroline

    Lovely earrings. Congratulations on your first year!

  21. ♪ Guenevere ♪

    Very cute idea and outfit! Congrats as well on your first year 🙂