Pose Fair 2012: Horse Love

Captivity has a great mesh horse prop at the Pose Fair. When I first saw it I was reminded of a photo I took when my Uncle Tim took me and a group of cousins up into the high Uintahs on horseback. It remains to this day one of my favorite trips ever. So I pulled the photo out of the scrapbook and scanned it. This is Zach, he was always my horse when my uncle took us on these overnighters. He was a big part-Clydesdale, part Morgan and we got along well together.


I know, I know, I am the height of fashion here. Let’s just remember that I was sleeping on the ground and about a hundred miles from anywhere, so no judging, please! Smile

I have named my mesh horse Zach in my old friend’s honor.


There are five different poses that come with the horse and you can change the color of the coat and the mane. I tried to get him to look as much like my Zach as possible. And as for me, I did manage to find a similar, albeit more stylish sweatshirt and hat. I really like this casual hat style from Argrace. No Green Eggs and Ham, but we’ll just call that an improvement. My jeans are from PerleRare at Oh! and they are perfect for comfy horseback riding, being definitely more curvy-style than many other mesh jeans I have seen.


Hair: *ARGRACE* Military Cap “Loose Chignon” ~ (Dark brown) by rika Oyen

Sweatshirt: {mon tissu} Austen Pullover / Rigged Mesh by Elie Spot

Jeans: .:Oh !:. Mesh Jeans Light Blue by PerleRare Freese

Horse/Poses: Captivity Poses – Horse Love by ShannonCharlize Gossip Girl @Pose Fair South

Location: Realms of Mystara

One thought on “Pose Fair 2012: Horse Love

  1. Nicandra Laval

    Ooooh Eliza.. so sweet to see you in rl and the resemblance with the sl picture is so cute, greetings , Nic

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: St. Patrick’s Blue

I had a hard time telling how this was different from electric blue in week 3. This was a color that probably inspired us all to do a little research. In the end I was glad for the slightly muted cast of this color, as I was in the mood for calm and relaxing.

But first of all, the following ladies should look for their Sugarsmack gift hair in-world, congrats!:

1. Akayo Firecaster
2. Jasmine Ballinger
3. Bourbon Zenovka


Is anyone taking bets on how many people wear Elie Spot’s new mesh skinny jeans in their posts this week? I know I haven’t taken mine off since I bought them. My necklace is from Stars!—this was one of the 55 for Life items from Fashion for Life this week. I like it so much I think I better give away a few! Go ahead and leave your comment below to be included in the drawing for next week.


Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ TNT/Espresso by Catwa Clip

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Dark Cerulean by Ikon Innovia

Skin: Hush – Paige – CherryBlossom – Cream by Hush Darkrose

Jewelry: Stars! Lindsay Blue Spice by Stargem Winkler

Cardigan: JANE – open hoodie.holiday.navy by Janie Marlowe (group gift)

Top: Nyte’N’Day – Laconic Long Sleeve Beige by Nyte Calgari

Jeans: {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans Indigo by Elie Spot

Shoes: -Phoenix Rising-Buckle Flats-navy by Ashoka Eales (no longer available)

Poses: Magnifique

12 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: St. Patrick’s Blue

  1. Tigist Sapphire

    Oh wow, these turned out so good, well done girl!

  2. Bourbon Zenovka

    I especially love the top shot – you look adorable. And your skin is perfectly beautiful! Love it so much. (And thanks for the giftie 😀 )

  3. Nicandra Laval

    you are looking gorgeous again Eliza..greetings Nic

  4. Shayariel

    I adore your cozy look <3


  5. Arya Braveheart

    The perfect Irish lass! Lovely.

  6. Rudhmellowen

    Such a gorgeous pic, you look so serene

  7. Sawa Gothly

    Lovely and so comfy <3

  8. Sama Yalin

    You look so nice and casual! I would totally wear that in RL 🙂

  9. Ygrey Auer

    Eliza, you’re amazing in blue! Great look to wear in RL!

  10. Lashae Karsin

    Really cute!! I thought about wearing the jeans, but it didn’t really match with my top.

  11. Jasmine Ballinger

    Oh wow, thank you so much!

    Gorgeous cardigan, and I’m new to those skins so I must try them out.

  12. Anichka Savira

    I love this look, that hair is gorgeous!

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Mauve

As soon as I saw the color challenge for this week these hilarious lines from Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway musical Into The Woods popped into my mind:
Never wear mauve at a ball…
Or pink…
Or open your mouth…

If you’ve never seen the show, check it out, it is one of my favorites, very poignant and funny. However, I did make Bruce wear mauve to the ball, and he was a very good sport about it, as he would have rather been wearing his new Batman costume. Smile  Thanks for being mauvelous, Bruce!

(For you curious folk I have included the clip from the musical at the end of the post! Enjoy!)



Eliza is wearing:
Shoes: Morado insolente Stiletto shoes  G&RL (no longer available)
Dress: Mondira Fashion * Atlanta Dress-mauve (on Marketplace)
Jewelry: ruchica-MENA (@ Accessories Fair)
Hairpiece: [NH]Kanzashi*KANA*TypeC (on Marketplace)
Hair: TRUTH< Orchid Plain – night
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Rising Sun (ML)

Bruce is wearing:
Hair: TRUTH- Eric-espresso
Shoes: sf design Laurent shoes-color change
Tuxedo: Black and Paisley Red, Styles of Edo
Eyes: pc classic-early coffee
Skin: ISPACHI Gabriel-cocoa

Into The Woods-First Midnight

9 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Mauve

  1. Ygrey Auer

    Había pensado en el mismo vestido 🙂 Preciosa!

  2. Laura18 Streeter

    Look the reference to the show! Cute idea 🙂

  3. gridbounce

    Lovely pictures, y’all are so cute!

  4. Rudhmellowen

    lol so cute, I can see why a batman costume would be awesome too but you both look so elegant

  5. bourbiedoll

    What a cool idea. You both look great!

  6. Anichka Savira

    I love Into the Woods and now i’m going to have that song in my head all day. You both look great in mauve!

  7. Laila Laperriere

    Your both a handsome couple in Mauve!
    Eliza, LOVE the hair and the beautiful hair piece.

  8. yoshikawafashion

    I think being partners in mauve is a very cute idea 😉 and I agree with Laila, the hairpiece makes it, it matches so beautifully with the dress.

  9. ayakofirecaster

    So lovely! You both look great and I love the musical reference! I <3 Into the Woods