Hair: TRUTH HAIR Luella by Truth Hawks

Skin: -Belleza- Ria Med 5  by Shyla Diggs (@Collabor88)


Dress: (fd) Sweater Dress – Taupe by Toast Bard (@Collabor88)

Tights: Deetalez wool tights grey caro orange by Steffi Villota

Boots: Black Widow Wellingtons Hunters by judahlion

Ring: MG – Rings – Atlantis Moon – Small – GOLD  by Maxi Gossamer

Earrings: MG – Earrings – Paris Weekend by Maxi Gossamer

Umbrella: sprinkler couple umbrella (black) by MWBoa (no longer available)

Pose: !bang Stand 358 by Luna Jubilee



Hat: [*ARGRACE* Fedora Hat “Natural mid” ~ (Black) by rika Oyen

Jacket & Shirt: [Valiant] Radial Jacket  –  Khaki Tee by Valiantco

Pants: flow . Morcego Pants Blue2 by Brady Mckeenan

Umbrella: sprinkler couple umbrella (black) by MWBoa (no longer available)

Pose: Bastion Flare

Location: Columtreal University

Around The World: It Begins

There is oh-so-much goodness at the Around The World event starting today. The Noor skin from Bilo is one of the great finds of this event—don’t miss it! Another fun design comes from Geometry with the stylish Seattle dress. And get ready, because there is sooo much more to come!


Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Eloise” Dark Brown 4 by Kuranosuke Kamachi

Skin: Bilo- Noor (Golden) by Mayaa Thistle

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Tobacco by Ikon Innovia

Scarf: MIEL FRINGE SCARF – solid by Miel Nirvana

Dress: < Geometry > Seattle . Grey by Geometry Clothing

Boots: Treads Charlie boots – Neutrals dark by Ju Weissnicht

Bag: – Dream.Catcher Bag (Black) by Darling Monday

Lookin’ Out My Back Door

I discovered two new designers today and that always makes a day better! First, my shorts and leggings are from Kinbo Akina of Oyakin; they are perfect for a chilly day working in the yard. My flowered top is from Nyanchi Eel of MNK. I love the texture and adorable details! I look forward to seeing more from these two!



Hair: *Alice Project* Persuasion [s11] – Brown by Alice Demonia

Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Basic – Jamaica01  by Aida Ewing

Top: MNK puff_sleeve_Tee=dot*pink by Nyanchi Eel

Undershirt: – Thermal.Henley (Chocolate) by Darling Monday

Shorts: oyakin*armypants-muji*half by Kinbo Akina

Boots: MIEL DANDY BOOT FLOR by Miel Nirvana

Stump: *~MMGraffiti’s~* Stump chair by Masomaso Quan

Garden Shelf: MB CreationZ Fully Decorated Gardening Shelf “AUTUMN DELIGHTS” by Minke Bailey

Into The Spirit Of Things

I love the Olympics. Any sport, it doesn’t matter which. Even fencing and curling are interesting during the Olympics. I don’t know why, but it’s a phenomenon that comes around every two years. So today we have a sports post. I think I actually heard Stewart’s groan of dismay when I asked him to do this one.

Basketball isn’t my favorite sport, but it IS an Olympic sport, and there are some fun basketball poses out there. This first one is from this round of Fluid by Y’s Art and Poses called Love & Basketball:


The next cheesy we’re-playing-basketball-but-really-just-canoodling pose is from J&K.


And last, but not least, Pieces from Glitterati. I don’t think this is actually a basketball pose, but the ball fit, so why not?


As you can see, we did manage to put our international competitiveness aside for the moment. Since his country is hosting the Olympics he can be sufficiently patriotic, but we’ll see what happens when the REAL Olympic basketball competition begins! Go USA!

Stewart is wearing:

Hair: Exile Owen/whiskey by Kavar Cleanslate

Shirt: Fallen Angel Designs MADE IN ENGLAND  – Mens_Mesh_Shirt by Bex Fallen

Shorts: JfL sweat pants short taupe by JohnFrancis Laville

Shoes: :: db :: Style Sneaks #2 by Danyel Blumenthal

Eliza is wearing:

Hair: TRUTH< Carina – treacle by Truth Hawks

Skin: -Glam Affair- Roza – Natural 01 by Aida Ewing

Top: ~*Es Stylez*~ USA Flag Grunge Tee by Layla Meridoc

Pants: MIEL FIT PANTS – front text – natural by Miel Nirvana

Shoes: Soft Black Sneaker by Kurt Cassady (no longer available)

Poses: Y’s Art and Poses (at Fluid); J&K; Glitterati (basketball not included)

Location: LDPW Public Basketball Court


When I asked my sweet friend Caroline to do a Hair Fair shoot with me, I arrived and saw her looking fabulous, as usual. Caroline always looks so perfect that I inevitably have an evil-queen-mirror-mirror moment every time I see her.  Caroline is way too nice for a poisoned apple, but a water balloon?  I confess to a small satisfaction in smacking her with a nice big one.



Hm, that felt good. Maybe another when she’s not expecting it!


Anyway, even splashed with water balloons, she is a great sport and her gorgeous style from Queue Marlowe at Hair Fair still looks great.


Eliza is wearing:

Hair: Slink Mica Hair Sienna by Siddean Munro (Sand Sim)

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Caribbean Blue by Ikon Innovia

Suit: *MonCheri* Vintage Swimsuit by Freya Olivieri

Caroline is wearing:

Hair: Analog Dog pornado Vanilla by Queue Marlowe (Water Sim)

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes Light blue + Rust by Ikon Innovia

Top: Trendstyle Flowery Bikini Red by Emeliy Auer

Shorts: Miel Fit Shorts by Miel Nirvana

Poses: Izzie’s, Glitterati

The Days of Love and Leaves

One of the first places I found as a newbie in SL was the Garden of Sorrows on Midsomer Isle. It’s dripping, mist-shrouded atmosphere finds all kinds of solitary, brooding folk enjoying the ambience of dead trees and melancholy mood. I have history in the Garden of Sorrows myself, and every now and then I go there to think about things.

Since it is rainy I chose to go appropriately shod for the wet weather in the new Timber boots from Miel. My dress is a loose, lovely mesh creation from Ibizarre that is at the Designer Circle this round.


Truth Hawks always makes casual hair look so fabulous. If I actually tried this pulled-back style in real life it would be a snarly mess. Another thing that is better than real life is crying—in SL I can cry very prettily. In real life, though, it’s the ugly cry all the way.


Nothing is lost yet, nothing broken,
and yet the cold blue word is spoken:
say goodbye now to the Sun,
the days of love and leaves are done.

“We’ll Never Say Goodbye” R.P.T. Coffin

Hair: TRUTH< Kalle w/Roots – espresso by Truth Hawks

Necklace: MG – Necklace – Pearl Daisies – Pink Pearl – Short – Gold by Maxi Gossamer

Skin: LAQ ~ Minna – [Nougat] – 01 by Mallory Cowen

Dress: Ibizarre mesh. Lizzy Minidress – chocolata by Anyusha Lilienthal @ Designer Circle


Location: The Garden of Sorrows

Poses: Juxtapose


A fantastic group gift from Miel inspired me to do a bit of trekking around my cabin this week:


Please no catcalls from you experienced snow-shoers out there about my stride! My outfit is from Severed Garden and my red cheeks and dry lips are again from Miss Izzie Button. This girl needs to get herself some Chapstick!


After all that it was time to go in and sit by the Christmas tree and relax a bit. This tree is from Cierra Anatine at Kismet. I am a bit particular about my Christmas trees and the truth is that there are just not a lot that really look like a tree as much as a bunch of linked prims in SL. This one is my favorite this year, with it’s perfectly wound ribbons and individual ornaments. A word of warning though, this tree packs a punch at 126 prims. There is a basic version with no ornaments that doesn’t use quite so many prims. Wonder what’s in those boxes, hmmmmmm?


Hair: ::Exile:: Caramina:Roots-Swiss by Kavar Cleanslate

Skin: LAQ Ebba Peach by Mallory Cowen

Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Arabian Blue (S) by Ikon Innovia

Outfit: Severed Garden Kaja Blue by Berta Avro

Socks: [knickknack] knitted sock sculpt BEIGE by Levia Larsson

Legwarmers: Gawk! Brown Wool Legwarmers by Mell McMahon

Snowshoes: Miel Snow Shoes (Group Gift) by Mika Nieuport

Christmas tree: Kismet Christmas Tree 2011 by Cierra Anatine

Cottage: What Next Snow Summit Cabin by Winter Thorn

You Lie

You lie

You don’t want to hurt me

So you lie, buy a little time

And I go along, what else can I do

Maybe it’s wrong

But you know how much I love you

So you lie

Till you can find a way to say goodbye,

You lie

-Reba McEntire




That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the new Wendy avatar available at Synergy—particularly the hairstyle. Have a look:


Totally Reba, right??? Reba has always been a favorite of mine. And if you check out the video, it hails back to a time before her current, more trendy look. She is, though, a quintessentially classy lady who knows about life, love and pain and knows how to communicate it to her audience. She definitely speaks to me.

Hair: ChiChickie! Wendy – Espresso (part of the Wendy avatar at Synergy) by Chiana Meredith

Earrings: Beauty Code Brown Glow Earrings by JaneDark Miles

Jacket: Izzie’s -Long Knit Cardigan brown by Izzie Button

Pants: Mischief Workman’s Pant Cocoa by Ed Papp

Boots: MIEL FAR BOOTS – SOLID by Miel Nirvana

Decking: Panache Windbrooke Clamshell by Zyrra Falcone

Sunday Morning Brunch

I received this lovely top from Vespah Wasp the other day and it was the perfect garment for the transition from summer to fall. Light and airy enough for warm weather but still protective enough for cool evening breezes. My hair is a recent release from Queue Marlowe, and finishing it all off are the divine Boho Boots from Nevery Lorakeet.
Top: XANADU Ambrosia lavender shirt by Vespah Wasp
Boots: *LpD* – *Boho* Boots Gray
Necklace 1 & Earrings: Beauty Code grey Rose Necklace by JaneDark Miles
Necklace 2: MIEL ECHO NECKLACE by Miel Nirvana
Jeans: Argyle Anonymous Jeans Grey by Swan Ling
Hair: Analog dog .b bound house wine by Queue Marlowe
Bistro set: Remember by Natasha Shoteka
Location: Morgan Apts., Muhongo