Beware of Zombies

As we saw last week on The Walking Dead, kudzu can be deadly in other ways than ecologically!



Zombie #1:

FateBecome: Zombie by Damien Fate

Shirt and Pants: Dondi’s Doodads Zombie Male Shirt and Pants by Dondi Lynwood


Zombie #2:

Hair: Magika [Hair] Sudden by Sabina Gully

Skin: Nomine Zombie stage 2 – light by Munchflower Zaius

Dress: Corvus : Burned Old Dress by Lori Stanton

Socks: JANE – lil piggies socks.sassy.bk pewter by Janie Marlowe (no longer available)

Shoes: Mekky’s Classic Goth Mesh Boot by Mekkyster


Zombie #3:

Axix Zombie Kill by Elise Mannequin


Car: Meshy Treasure Trove Old mustard Hatchback by Sylia Lorefield

Vines: milevA’s Vine Ivy 512 Garden Set by Mileva Milev