H is for Hiatus

There has been a considerable slow-down on my blog of late, and it’s probably time to address it. After considerable thought I have decided to take a break from blogging. Luna Jubilee’s  new color challenge starts up in January, and I am looking forward to that. However, due to both RL and SL reasons I need some time away. That is not to say that I will not blog at all, but it will not be as frequent. I can still be reached at elizaquixote@gmail.com, or feel free to say hello in-world.

So with that being said, here is H. A great letter for many things: H is for great words like home, heaven, hideaway, helpfulness, and holiday. For honey, hummingbird and honesty. For heartbreak. I could go on, but H is not the shortest section in the dictionary, so I will let it go at that.

À tout à l’heure, friends.


One thought on “H is for Hiatus

  1. gilliangalicia

    Wishing you much relaxation and rejuvenation!

Finesmith, You’re So Fine, You’re So Fine You Blow My Mind

The new Noir set from Finesmith is such a stunner and it immediately came to mind when I saw the new Adva skirts that Yula released for 55L Thursdays. I admit to sometimes walking around the Finesmith store just looking at the imaginative and avant-garde designs that are always on display. Not a bad way to spend an evening!



Shoes: MEB : Stiletto Black Vernish MAXIBUCKLE

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Absinthe (ML)

Jewelry: Finesmith Noir

Top: !RIGHT Dollie Dress black Shirt

Hair: Amacci Hair Fayne ~ Black Coal

Skirt: Finesmith- Adva skirt White

Location: Tabary