Meshing Around


Janie Marlowe released her first mesh clothing designs last night and so, intrigued, I headed over to check it out. What a wonderful step forward for SL Fashion! Fabric that fits the body, moves with the body, and doesn’t make random body parts stick out when you are sitting or walking or whatever. I see flowy skirts and naturally moving jewelry in the future! But for now, I am just loving looking at my bottom and not having it be split in half by the animation. See?

Not a bad posterior to begin with…



Now just look at that bottom! Just as is should be, no right angle bends where my bottom should be!!! And, I might add, nice boot cut leg bottoms with no prim attachments!


Even with a serious bent animation the fabric stretches naturally. Now where is that book I was reading?


There is a lovely variety of new mesh designs at Jane so get over there and check them out! You’ll be seeing more from me very soon, because I just can’t stay away!

MEMO TO ALL: If you do not have a mesh viewer then you will look like you are a can of sardines or something. Also any friends you have that are not using a mesh viewer will see you as a can of sardines. So make sure you are running V2 or Kristen’s and go have some fun!

Sweatshirt: JANE – [sm] *

Jeans: JANE – jeans.classic fit.midtone [small]*

Shoes: LOC: Klompie Shoe – Pink (Marketplace)

Hair: Magari Anna chocolate

* MESH item

One thought on “Meshing Around

  1. Ygrey Auer

    Hola Eliza:
    Yo me he comprado uno de los vestidos y estoy encantada. Al fin algo que se mueve naturalmente.