Love Donna Flora~Kaerri, Amacci, Lazuri

I love the colors and intensity of the items that I photographed today. The Kerri Pavone set is striking and beautiful.



Carina Larsen’s beautiful Daphne hair and Zuri Lyric’s Maysoon color-change earrings complement the Pavone colors.




Hair: Amacci Hair Daphne ~ Midnight Blue by Carina Larsen (@Love Donna Flora)

Skin: Curio Obscura Clockwork Automaton Lady Silver by Pandora Wrigglesworth

Earrings: Lazuri Maysoon Earrings by Zuri Lyric (@Love Donna Flora)

Shoes: Leverocci – Suede Curved Wedges_Spiked_Artisan Yellow by Jin Elfan

Furniture: Kaerri Pavone by Kaerri Rae (@Love Donna Flora)

Pose: Reel Expression Luth Fashion Fest Sitting (no longer available)

A Hot Mesh

School started for me this week and it has meant a lot of running around crazy and wondering how so much work can pile up quite so quickly. Tonight I wanted a break and found it at the lovely Sontuki sim. I am still figuring out the intricacies of mesh clothing and one of my favorite items that I am finally getting around to blogging is this long skirt from Jane. I love the movement and swing in this design.


Got to get out while I can and get me some sunshine!!!


Also new is this casual ponytail from Alice Demonia at the Alice Project. Love it!


Shirt: Zaara Zayba Cross Top Sand

Jewelry: Vincenca Rosca Magic Cubes

Skirt: JANE maxi skirt meena truffle (MESH ITEM)

Hair: Alice Project Elsie III*

Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Eyes- Brown (ML)

Bracelet: Lazuri Summer Blossom bracelet

Location: Sontuki

*Review item provided by designer

One thought on “A Hot Mesh

  1. gilliangalicia

    You look fantastic!! Fabulous outfit and some wonderful shots.

What A Mesh!

After a couple of days without power we are finally getting back up and running here on the East Coast. And just in time, too! Rebel Hope released a new mesh gown today—I am seriously loving me the mesh! This one is a lovely, flowing gown and fits like a second skin.



I felt the dress needed some pretty spectacular jewelry to go along with it and fortunately I had just the thing–the Precious Set from Lazuri. The colors can be changed to match whatever you are wearing—so today I obviously went with a lovely dark ruby. And I had so much fun playing with the different color options for the headpiece on my hair today, an elegant creation from Plume. Now there has got to be a ball somewhere that I am suitably dressed for!


Jewelry: Lazuri Precious Jewelry Set*

Dress: Rebel Hope Fabria Halter Gown-Ruby  (MESH ITEM—i.e., only works in V2)

Hair: *Plume* – Plumeria/Umber

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Clover Green (ML)

* Review item provided by designer


One thought on “What A Mesh!

  1. gilliangalicia

    Wow, gorgeous!


So when I was young I wanted to be an opera singer. The full-on, high-E-singing, Viking-helmet-wearing opera singer. I did manage to get to the point where I did sing in a few operas, but my life took another path and my musical aspirations have become a side activity. It is great to still participate in music making, even if it is just in the background. All this reminiscing came about when I received this beautiful gown named ‘Opera’ from Kiera Seda at Secret Rose. So I just had to go out and find myself a stage where I could wear it!



I also got into the Hair Fair after three days of trying! Who knows when I’ll be able to get in again, but I did love this new style from Pocket Mirrors. Very diva-esque! Hopefully there will be more where this came from!




Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Incan Gold (ML)

Earrings: Lazuri Sanaa Earrings (on Marketplace)

Choker and Wrist Cuff: ::MOOD:: Eleganza Floreale Scarlatto

Hair:**Pocket Mirrors** Nastassja Updo Charcoal

Dress: S.R. Opera