Hair Fair 2012: Garden

I really like the layout of Hair Fair this year—and while it is annoying not to be able to get in because all the sims are full, the 45-person sim limit does mean that when you do get in, things don’t take forever to rez. That’s good news. So here are my favorites from the Garden Sim. This first one actually looks pretty terrible on me, but I had to include it since it totally wins the poutiest-model-ever award on the vendor at Leverocci. You have to go see it just to see her—truly awesome.

All of these hairstyles can be found on the Garden sim at Hair Fair.



Leverocci – Bom_Almost Black by Leverocci. Go see the vendor!!!


*IA* Maria hair – dark brown by Ivanka Akina


[Iren] Rory Hair-jetblack by Irischka Hotshot


MINA Hair – Daan by Mina Nakamura


[LeLutka]-SALOME hair – AlmostGoth by Thora Charron. This one is probably going to make it into my top five for this year. LOVE!

Back To Work

Tomorrow the holiday break ends in RL and it’s time to go back to work. For my last day as a free woman I chose to try out Luna Jubilee’s new Snowday windlight setting. You can download it from Luna’s website. It was perfect for my dreamy and slightly blue mood at the impending end of vacation. I stayed warm with a thick fur jacket from Reila Karu and a snug cap from IrEn.




Hair: Iren Winterly brown by Irischka Hotshot

Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Light Brown (S) by Ikon Innovia

Jacket: Reila Skins – Winter jacket brown by Reila Karu

Pants: *League* Zipped Leather Pants –Diesel by Nena Janus (from Four Corners event)

Boots: WOot Booty FUR brown by Joice Dreamscape

Ring: Lapointe & Bastchild “Ethereal” Engagment Ring – Platinum by Bastchild Lotus

Location: Edloe