52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Thistle

If you know your Scottish history then you know that the thistle is the official floral emblem of Scotland. Legend has it that a soldier from an invading army stepped on one when sneaking up to attack, cried out, and thus gave himself and his group away. If you take a good look at one it’s easy to see why it might hurt to step on one…but what on earth was that guy doing wandering around with no shoes or flimsy shoes? Sheesh, man, if you’re going to go marauding, make sure you are properly shod!

One of the most important dates in Scottish history is the Battle of Culloden. Because I have friends that like to make random things I have access to a replica of the memorial cairn that stands on Culloden field today. It was worth a moment to pause and reflect…and mostly to thank my lucky stars I was not born in that place and in that century.



Congrats to Yvette Donner and Lashae Karsin, who win the Trend hair from Lelutka. Watch for it in-world! I made an educated guess as to color. Berate me if I have chosen poorly!

Next week, I’ll be giving away a couple of gift cards to Ibizarre. I am just loving Anyusha’s new mesh work!

Hair: TRUTH< Felecia (Mesh) – espresso by Truth Hawks

Jewelry: MG – Ashanti Cerise by Maxi Gossamer

Shirt: Ibizarre mesh. Kalana Floral Tunic – french lilac by Anyusha Lilienthal

Pants: coldLogic trouser – mazza.white by coldLogic

Shoes: *Sherael* Natalie Pump – Lilac by Sherael Concepcion

Thistle: The Flower Plant Scottish Thistle by Karina Jewell

Poses: !bang, Essential Soul

14 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Thistle

  1. Yvette Donner

    hehe! Love your story about the dolt attacking the town barefoot 😛 Great springtime look on you; so fresh and pretty. Hug!

  2. Tigist Sapphire

    I think these shots are my favourite this week. Thank you for posting the story and as always, the pics!

  3. Nicandra Laval

    Nice story and very nice pictures. You dressed so well!

  4. Fledge

    That’s a gorgeous outfit and well done for linking it to Scotland and the thistle 🙂 I have to say, having walked among many thistle filled fields, that they are good at getting in the tiniest vulnerable spots of your shoes, so the story isn’t entirely silly – also they can grow quite tall so maybe it got him somewhere more painful than the feet!

  5. inkie Loudwater

    Love the pants and shoes <3

  6. Asia Romano

    As a born in Scotland lassie I just love this. Your outfit and pics are fabulous too. A great post 🙂

  7. Ygrey Auer

    Lovely outfit. Divina!

  8. ~Jade~

    I love the top.. and I love how you’ve put everything together. Really well done!

  9. Laura18 Streeter

    Aw now I get it! A beautiful story with a meaning to it I had missed in the group chat. And beautiful pics Eliza!

  10. Kaelyn Alecto

    Awww such beautiful pics with the shadows and pretty poses! And what a special post! Very nice! <3

  11. Moniq

    Gorgeous photos! Love love love them!

  12. Starla Huntress

    Love your outfit and great pictures!

  13. Jasmine Ballinger

    I also like the saying that for every thistle you don’t pull out of the ground, seven come back next year!

    Lovely look.

  14. Sama Yalin

    A beautiful look and a history lesson at the same time. Perfect post 🙂

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Shuttle Gray

This color reminded me of a song I sang in a choral group many years ago. I remember the gray, sad feeling it gave me but at the same time I luxuriated in its deep harmonies and beauty. And it makes you feel gray without ever using the word once.


Houston Bright (b. 1916)

Clouds hang heavy above the plain
They bring the smell of a summer rain,
And my heart, it is heavy too,
And my spirits are heavy too.
(See how the rains do pour as if forevermore.)

Clouds drift low in a shadowed spell
They bring the memory of one farewell,
When a spirit from life withdrew,
When the soul of my love withdrew.
(See how the rains do pour as if forevermore.)

Raindrops fall from a sodden sky
They drum a querulous lullaby
As in memory of one who sleeps,
As if crooning to one who sleeps.
(See how the rains do pour as if forevermore.)

I am not able to embed it, but there is a lovely version HERE, if you want to hear it.

So this color suited my mellow ponderings. After I saw the color for this week I headed over to the Designer Circle and found this perfect mesh dress from Ibizarre. Dress, check. And then I saw the amazing grouping of gray-toned shoes that Pixieplumb Flanagan put out for the color challenge this week. What an awesome idea! I very quickly found something perfect! Shoes, check!


Congratulations to Jade and Petd who are the winners of the Turquoise set from Maxi Gossamer. This week I’ll be giving away one color pack of Lelutka’s new Trend mesh hairstyle to two people. See you next week!

Hair: [LeLutka]-TREND hair – WalnutWhip by Thora Charron

Skin: Izzie’s – Cassandra Skin sunkissed by Izzie Button

Dress: Ibizarre Loana Minidress MESH dark grey by Anyusha Lilienthal @ Designer Circle (through April 28th)

Shoes: BabyMonkey Cynthia Pump Steel by Pixieplumb Flanagan

Pose: Frooti @ Pose Fair North

Location: Mayfair

12 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Shuttle Gray

  1. Tigist Sapphire

    Absolutely lovely as always girlie! I love the emotion of the song and the pic!

  2. Kaelyn

    Beautiful look!

  3. Rudhmellowen

    I love this photo, it is simply gorgeous. The outfit looks amazing on you and the look of the photo as a whole really works with the song! Just gorgeous!

  4. Ygrey Auer

    Love it Eliza, elegante y discreta como siempre!

  5. inkie Loudwater

    Amazing post all together Reminds me of a holliday in London

  6. Laura18 Streeter

    Love it! Such a mood and atmosphere!

  7. Sama Yalin

    Very elegant! Beautiful picture and atmosphere.

  8. Yvette Donner

    Aw, those lyrics almost make me cry. You captured their mood so wonderfully in your picture, and you look absolutely beautiful!

  9. Anichka Savira

    Beautiful dress, I love the moody, foggy photo, so pretty!

  10. Lashae Karsin

    Stunning! Love the dress and the shoes.

  11. Madison

    Very beautiful Eliza!!! You sure know how to capture a mood. Love it!!

  12. Jasmine Ballinger

    Lovely shoes and hair and quiet serenity with your image.

The Days of Love and Leaves

One of the first places I found as a newbie in SL was the Garden of Sorrows on Midsomer Isle. It’s dripping, mist-shrouded atmosphere finds all kinds of solitary, brooding folk enjoying the ambience of dead trees and melancholy mood. I have history in the Garden of Sorrows myself, and every now and then I go there to think about things.

Since it is rainy I chose to go appropriately shod for the wet weather in the new Timber boots from Miel. My dress is a loose, lovely mesh creation from Ibizarre that is at the Designer Circle this round.


Truth Hawks always makes casual hair look so fabulous. If I actually tried this pulled-back style in real life it would be a snarly mess. Another thing that is better than real life is crying—in SL I can cry very prettily. In real life, though, it’s the ugly cry all the way.


Nothing is lost yet, nothing broken,
and yet the cold blue word is spoken:
say goodbye now to the Sun,
the days of love and leaves are done.

“We’ll Never Say Goodbye” R.P.T. Coffin

Hair: TRUTH< Kalle w/Roots – espresso by Truth Hawks

Necklace: MG – Necklace – Pearl Daisies – Pink Pearl – Short – Gold by Maxi Gossamer

Skin: LAQ ~ Minna – [Nougat] – 01 by Mallory Cowen

Dress: Ibizarre mesh. Lizzy Minidress – chocolata by Anyusha Lilienthal @ Designer Circle


Location: The Garden of Sorrows

Poses: Juxtapose

Coastal Craze

When my husband got a job on the East Coast about six years ago, I was less than thrilled. I am a western girl at heart, I like my empty spaces, and there’s not a lot of that on the East Coast. The other thing that didn’t thrill me was the ocean. I liked it, but I liked being far enough away from it that it’s not a threat. I really haven’t done well at getting used to not being able to see very far around me, or at being around so many people. But I have learned to love living by the ocean. The sea is one of the only things that makes me relax (except for last weekend). So today I was lamenting the end of summer and beginning of classes and found a lovely sea-side location called Mahina Cove and I enjoyed strolling around and enjoying the sea-scape!


Hat: Amacci Alissa – Hat Only

Jacket: (TokiD) summer cardigan (red flowers)

Top: jane.femme.lace cami.pr eggplant

Beach Bag: Ibizarre Beachbag – nature

Jewelry: Artistry by E, Carrie Set

Hair: ::Exile:: Bailey:Swiss

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Green (ML)

Shoes: Zaara : Ilaida Mojri *jeweled grape* silver

Sunglasses: !WG! Rose Heart  Aviator Sunglasses

Location: Mahina Cove


Today my friend Gypsy posed with me so I could show off this cute new pose from Mood Swings. There is a definite dearth of friend poses in SL so I was thrilled to see this one. I met Gypsy through another friend, and it was just one of those serendipitous things—she is as sweet and kind as she is beautiful—and willing to spend hours getting poses just right! It also doesn’t hurt that has great fashion sense and an amazing sim that she designed.  Methinks you will all be seeing more of her!

Thanks Gypsy, you’re a gem!



Gypsy is wearing:

Tank: NanoGunk Solid Tank Top

Vest: BOOM Crochet Vest (lipstick)

Skirt: Fishy Strawberry Peyote Mini

Belt: MonTissu Seneca Leather belt-black

Boots: COCO Engineer Boots-Black

Hair: Lamb: Lo-Fi (Ink)

Skin: League Taylor Deep Tan

Eyes: pc classic eyes black swan (bright)

Feather Extensions: PIDIDDLE Quail Call Set

Necklace: MIEL Echo Necklace


Eliza is wearing:

Hair: Analog Dog ash brunette

Jewelry: Eolande’s Cinderella – gunmetal

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Silver&Green  (ML) (FFL item)

Shoes: J’s Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sandals

Pants: Ibizarre Jeans Turn Up

Bracelets: (Dahlinks) 12 Gem Coin Bracelet

Shirt: RDesignS Cowgirl pink

Pose: Mood Swings Jellyfish Friends Pose