Dysfunctional Dolly Designs released a great library set at the Home and Garden Expo recently, and I wanted to find a way to work it into another post. Fortunately my friend Barely wandered into proximity looking appropriately studious and classed up my library a bit…though even he needed to take a break from crouching over books all day.


Hair: Dura boy 41 by Chiaki Xue

Skin: Belleza Eric Medium by Tricky Boucher

Jacket: Howl Arun jacket by Worussai (@Fameshed)

Pants: Kauna XIV Trousers by Ross Myhre

Shoes: Kauna Brogues by Ross Myhre

Shelves: [DDD] Library – Wide -by Anke Hatchuck

Desk: [DDD] Library – Wide Desk by Anke Hatchuck

Books: [DDD] Library Bookpiles by Anke Hatchuck