For Caroline

Some friends of mine threw a surprise rez-day party for me this week at the lovely Paradise Beach Restaurant and it was so much fun. Caroline tends to be the odd-blonde girl out in a group of dark-haired people, and one of my other blonde friends named Nat had yet to arrive. As I was taking pictures for posterity I noticed my friend Caroline’s animations were a little off-kilter. When I looked at them later I could only laugh…so here is my fun, beautiful friend for your viewing pleasure!






Thanks to such great friends for a wonderful day, and also props for the idea to Bourbon Zenovka and Yvette Donner, who are hands down the conversation-bubble queens of SL.

One thought on “For Caroline

  1. ~Caroline

    What Caroline is really thinking:

    “Hmmm I believe that is…. Lebbeus grandimanus …Large variety swimming tiger shrimp.

    Check out the exo-skeleton on that decapod…..nice. Let me get a closer look. Excellent crustacean!

    Ohh … a walking decapod for the entrée’ — Homarus americanus I’m pretty sure…

    Wait…What are these people talking about?? “