The White Armory had some spectacular gowns at this year’s Fantasy Faire, and today I am wearing the beautiful Maya of Moonhollow. I also love the wonderful Elven Ears and Dragon jewelry from Drusilla Dethly of Little Bat. I was also very happy to find a complementary arm band at the Wilds of Organica on Breeze.

Today is the last day of the Faire, be sure to see it before it fades into the mists until next year.



Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Thyra Mesh Hair by MissAllSunday Lemon (@Fantasy Faire)

Head: Catwa Annie by Catwa Clip

Skin: .:[PUMEC] :. – .:NIKITA by otyebis (@Shiny Shabby)

Body: Belleza Isis by Tricky Boucher

Ears: !TLB – Elven Dragon by Drusilla Dethly (@Fantasy Faire)

Necklace: !TLB – Dragon Lariat Necklace by Drusilla Dethly (@Fantasy Faire)

Armband and Ring: [ WoO ] Dragon Ring and Armlet by Aki Shichiroji (@Fantasy Faire)

Dress: The White Armory Maya of Moonhollow Gown by Bee Dumpling (@Fantasy Faire)

Staff: [ WoO ] Thistle Staff (Stone) Aki Shichiroji (@Fantasy Faire)

Pose: *FN* Wanderer Pose by Doll Galthie

Location: Amatorum


I don’t usually get into petite avatars, but I decided to give this one from Alia Baroque a try and ended up kind of liking it. I am not sure he meant for purple wings to be stuck on it, but there you go. Tomorrow is the last day of Fantasy Faire, so be sure to check out the sims before it is too late!


Avatar: PETITES Female, Eternal by Alia Baroque (@Fantasy Faire)

Wings: Rivendale ~ Dragonfly Wings ~ Purple by LRRiven (@Fantasy Faire)

Will-o-wisp: Rivendale ~*~ Will’o Wisp Pet RFL by LRRiven (@Fantasy Faire)

Pose: *FN* Roses Pose by Doll Galthie


Anne of Cleves is my next-favorite wife of Henry VIII after Catherine of Aragon, and in some ways she had a lot more sense than Catherine, negotiating a very comfortable life for herself in England after the annulment of her marriage to Henry and saving herself a lot of heartache in the process—not to mention her own life. Henry was pretty down on Anne’s looks, but I think she was quite pretty.

The colors in the Glorianna gown from Anachron at Fantasy Faire reminded me of this painting so I am wearing it in honor of Anne today. The French hood was a favorite of a previous unlucky Anne, but I expect our Anne of Cleves wore one at least one, although perhaps not as lovely as this one from Bliensen and MaiTai.


Hair/Hat: Bliensen + MaiTai – Godiva – French Hood with Hair by Plurabelle Laszlo (@Fantasy Faire)

Head: CATWA HEAD Annie 4.9  by Catwa Clip

Body: -Belleza- Isis by Tricky Boucher

Skin: YS&YS Malika by Monicuzza Babenco (@Shiny Shabby)

Necklace: EF: Vesna Ornament – GOLD by EmpyreanForge (@Fantasy Faire)

Dress: Anachron – Glorianna Gown by Nix Marabana (@Fantasy Faire)

Ring: [The Forge] House Targaryen Ring by Deccan Arida (gacha item)

Under the Sea

Garvie Garzo released some spectacular items for Fantasy Faire. I checked today and they are still there—but they could be gone any time. Here I have featured the Waterhorse Pair and Fantastic Voyage Carved Stone. Also released at Fantasy Faire is the lovely and ethereal Hands Dream grass from Alegria.


Horses: Meadowworks Waterhorse Pair ~ FF Limited Edition by Garvie Garzo (@Fantasy Faire Vallacia)

Carving: Meadowworks Fantastic Voyage Carved Stone by Garvie Garzo (@Fantasy Faire Vallacia)

Grass: ALEGRIA Hands Dream Grass by Noke Yuitza (@Fantasy Faire Aurora)

Kelp: Botanical Green Kelp Set by Kriss Lehmann

Location: Fanci’s Deep

Ichi-Go Ichi-E

Fantasy Faire has come to an end, but the Fairelands stay open for a few days after the Faire’s conclusion. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Faire, now is your last chance! This beautiful sim was designed by Sharni Azalee. Even if fantasy fashion isn’t your thing, the sims are incredible all on their own, and showcase the talents of some of the most creative minds on the grid.

Fantasy Faire Ichi-Go Ichi-E by Sharni Azalee

Violent Nova

I had a great time with this photo today. This awesome headpiece from Selos Dae of Trap got me started, and the gorgeous Davina skin with the Orc Kisser mouth from Soul turned out to be the perfect match. Deccan Arida’s mechanical arms were a natural follow-up. All of these items can be found on the different sims at Fantasy Faire. Make sure to check the links below and hurry—Fantasy Faire will be over soon!


Headpiece: TRAP Nova Helm by Selos Dae (YoZakura Sim, Fantasy Faire)

Skin: Soul Davina Violent by LeRochelle Destiny (IchiGo Ichi-E Sim, Fantasy Faire)

Armor: FLECHA Battle Chest Piece and Pauldron by Flecha Warwillow

Arms: [The Forge] Diesel Mech Arms, Steel by Deccan Arida  (Aurora Sim, Fantasy Faire)

Location: Hangars Liquides

Farewell Fantasy

Fantasy Faire has come to an end but many of the stores are still in place through sometime tomorrow. I couldn’t let the Faire go without tossing out a few more wonderful items. My headdress and gown are from 22769 and help me pull off a magical yet ceremonial look. The beautiful Portia Renaissance necklace adds sparkle and majesty.



Luna Barak kindly put up her Night Watcher Tower that was her Silent Auction item for this year at Fantasy Faire. I love the solid look of this structure.


Headdress: 22769 ~ [accessories] High Council Crown Iron by Paco Pooley (@Fantasy Faire Hope’s Horizon)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Darienne Mesh Hair – Black coffee by MissAllSunday Lemon (@Fantasy Faire Sanctum)

Skin: DLS~ Candace – Ceredil – Dark – Pearl by Lerochelle Destiny (@Fantasy Faire Blackwater Glenn)

Eyes: DLS~ Realism Eyes – GoldRush by Lerochelle Destiny (@Fantasy Faire Blackwater Glenn)

Necklace: ! !SSD ~ Portia Renaissance Jewelry Set (Brass) ~ Choker by Sax Shepherd (@Fantasy Faire Hope’s Horizon)

Dress: 22769 ~ [femme] Chloris Dress White by Paco Pooley (@Fantasy Faire Hope’s Horizon)

Tower: Night Watcher Tower (Silent Auction event prize—not available for purchase) by Luna Barak

Poses: F*cking Ninjas Earth Mage and Fire Wielder by Doll Galthie