Medieval Contemporary Fusion

There is something so romantic and substantive about old cities that have stood for hundreds of years. Toledo in Spain is one of my favorites—roaming those old stone streets and wondering about the generations of people who have walked them is fascinating. And while I would never trade my place in the 21st century with them, I so appreciate the beauty of this type of architecture and the skill it took to create it. If you have never wandered through hundreds and maybe thousands-of-year old streets, do try it sometime.

Now no one said you had to dress medievally in order to do this. Emanuelle Bury has made keeping up with the times easy with this beautiful new outfit. Also very avant-garde is the new Zaza set from Zibska, which has several texture color options for settings, beads and fronds. Add to this one of my favorite updos of all time from Exile and you have a look that is decidedly contemporary.




Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Grey (ML)

Jewelry: Zibska ~ Zaza Jewelry Set

Shoes: Maitreya Gold – IXkin Black

Outfit: -Ema’s Secret- Victoria Outfit

Hair: Exile Wild Orchid/mink

Background photo: