Today I am wearing probably my favorite Fashion for Life design this year. The elegant Vivienne dress combines muted colors with flawless ruffles. Only the most gorgeous of jewelry can accompany this gown, and the classy Julia set from Donna Flora fits the bill. These lovely items can both be found at Fashion for Life on the Wander sim.


Hair: Exile::Whispers by Kavar Cleanslate

Skin: Atomic Muse Honey by Ivy Graves

Dress: [ZE] Vivienne {CHAMPAGNE} by zzoiezee (@Fashion for Life Wander)

Necklace and earrings: Donna Flora Julia by Squinternet Larnia (@Fashion for Life Wander)

Bracelet and Rings: =Zenith=Cream Pearl Stone by Miffyhoi Rosca

Pose: DM Sophisticated #2 by Del  May

Location: Isle of Flux


This gorgeous dress from Endra Graves at Gatsby’s screams sophistication—and I always need more of that in my life. Tiffy Vella’s new vintage sunglasses (which I edited a bit to include a reflection) add class and style. Tiffy is rapidly becoming one of my favorite designers of all time.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Roma sim, I encourage you to check it out, especially if you are a fan of all things Italian.




Hair: TRUTH HAIR Mina – Reds01 by Truth Hawks

Skin: Essences – CHO Clean *doux* ginger by Inka Mexicola

Glasses: Eclectica ‘Esme’ Vintage Glasses by Tiffy Vella

Earrings: MG – Earrings – Summertime Easy living – Drop by Maxi Gossamer

Necklace: [F]oil- Heavy Metal Chains Necklace- BK/Silver by MrForever

Dress: *Gatsby’s* The Galatee Dress by Endra Graves

Ring: (Donna Flora) IRINA ring by Squinternet Larnia

Purse: MG – Fufu Bag – Madame Mimi – Black Feather by Maxi Gossamer

Shoes: Leverocci – Satin Wrap Heels_Black by Jin Elfan

Poses: Di’s Opera, Eliza Quixote

Location: Roma

Love Donna Flora~Sakide, Tableau Vivant

Love Donna Flora opens tomorrow, July 25th, and here are just a couple of lovely items that will be available at the event.




Hair: Tableau Vivant Larnia Winter by M4ri1yn Magic (@Love Donna Flora)

Necklace: Donna Flora Vivian Necklace by Squinternet Larnia

Dress: SAKIDE Mosaic Dress Black by Kinu Mayako (@Love Donna Flora)

Shoes: – uRbAn GiRl – Mesh Ballet Flats by Lika Meili

Pose: Pose: !Bang

Location: Love Donna Flora

Love Donna Flora

Squinternet Larnia was the first designer in SL that I ever fangirled. I was shopping at DeLa, and there she was. All I could do really was stammer how much I admired her work. She was gracious and kind, even though I was unfortunately rather new at the time and she probably cringed to think of her lovely work adorning my noob neck. At any rate, for jewelry, accessories and vintage clothing, Donna Flora is one of the cornerstones of SL fashion.

The Love Donna Flora event is to raise money for Squinternet’s fight against breast cancer. The event starts July 25th and runs through August 11th. You can read more about this remarkable woman and the event HERE.

Lybra Rage’s contributions to the event include three gorgeous evening gowns in several colors.












I had to pull out some of my favorite Donna Flora items for this shoot, and my formal updo from LoQ Hair at Hair Fair finishes the look with flair.


Hair: LoQ Chianti Dark Brown by Gia Pawpad (@Hair Fair)

Skin: Belleza Mya Medium by Shyla Diggs

Eyes: Ikon Vanity Eyes Tome by Ikon Innovia

Necklace and Earrings: Donna Flora Miranda set by Squinternet Larnia

Ring: Donna Flora Irina Ring by Squinternet Larnia

Dresses: Lybra Flora, Jacinte, and Primrose by Lybra Rage (@Love Donna Flora starting July 25th)

Pose: !Bang

Shoes: Gos Eva Slingback White Satin by Gospel Voom

Where Do We Go From Here?

Today is my two-year blog anniversary. Thank you to my readers and friends for making blogging fun for the last two years. Thank you to my blogging buddies Stewart and Caroline—your patience and forbearance has been unrivaled. I do not know what direction this blog will take in the future, but I do treasure the experience.

May happiness be found and gorgeous shoes abound, my friends.


Hair: Analog Dog Check Mate by Queue Marlowe

Skin: Glam Affair Renee by aida Ewing (@Collabor88)

Sweater: coldLogic Taylor by coldLogic

Jewelry: Donna Flora Irina by Squinternet Larnia

3 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. Rudhmellowen

    HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY DAY! Can’t believe you’ve only been doing this for 2 years honey, your photos are amazing!!! Looking forward to seeing where you go with this!

  2. samayalin

    Congrats! And shoes… yepp sounds good to me 🙂

  3. Nicandra Laval

    congrats Eliza and lots of inspiration for the future

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Ghostly White

Last week I watched one of my favorite movies of all time: Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. I always pull out the creepy movies around this time, but there is so much awesomeness in this one I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps with David Bowie as the Goblin King. He sings, my friends, and he dances with goblins. He also wears the most amazing clothes, and the hair, well, I don’t even have words for the hair. So imagine my delight when I found that Lexi Vargas of GlamDammit had created a whole Goblin King ensemble! He kindly agreed to Bowie-up for this photo shoot, and a magnificent Goblin King he doth make! All of this was also on my mind since the Costume Ball event starts next week and looks to be a fantastic event.

Now admit it girls, you ALL wanted to be Jennifer Connelly in the ballroom scene (very creepy scene, but very cool) when you first saw this movie. The poofy dress, the big hair, the gorgeous jewelry, and getting to dance with the villanous-yet-attractive Goblin King…it just sent my young female brain right over the edge. My poofy dress comes courtesy of Sascha Frangilli, and let’s face it, for ballroom-wear, Sascha just can’t be beat. I will give away a Sascha’s gift card next week!




Congrats to Caroline Endersleigh, who wins the Ikon Kaleido Fatpack. Just let me know which one you’d like!

And check out this video for a taste of Labyrinth. Watch this one with friends or with your kids, it’s a classic that should not be missed.

Eliza is wearing:

Hair: TRUTH< Andrea – espresso by Truth Hawks

Skin: LAQ ~ Maria – 01 [Fair] Glow skin by Mallory Cowen (no longer available)

Jewelry: Donna Flora MIRANDA earrings and necklace by Squinternet Larnia

Dress: SAS – Garbo Silver by Sascha Frangilli

Lexi is wearing:

Hair: LALA Moon Assault Rain Silver by Ruru Nagy

Skin: Fallen Gods by Alia Baroque

Outfit: BT Goblin King Black by Lexi Vargas

Dance Pose: !bang For The Highlights Reel

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  1. harperganesvoort

    You are so right about Labyrinth. That gown has always been near the top of my favorite movie costumes, and I love what you’ve done here.

  2. Nicandra Laval

    oh Eliza ..marvelous …super pictures

  3. Fledge

    Definitely one of my all-time favourite films, and Jareth was one of my first crushes *g* But I’d say as I went on in life, I’d rather be him than Jennifer! That ballroom scene was indeed fantastic, the whole film – along with Tale of the Dark Crystal – probably helped shape my imagination and well… you can see from my blog where THAT went! 😉

  4. inkie Loudwater

    Oohhh thinking of Scarlet O’Hara Gone with the Wind Love the pictures

  5. Sama Yalin

    Awww I was such a fan of that movie when I was a kid! I don’t even know how many times I saw it 🙂 You did an amazing job capturing that scene.

  6. Ygrey Auer

    Great job Eliza!

  7. Anichka Savira

    I love this post. You did such a fantastic job of reproducing that scene. Gorgeous.

  8. Softpaw Sommer




Another beautiful release from Squinternet Larnia at Donna Flora—the Alga gown.

Major admission: I had such aspirations for this post, like shooting it underwater as would suit the colors and lines of the gown, or becoming a water witch or some such romantic idea. Alas, the planets were aligned against me. However, this is a dress that needs no accompaniment, being quite a spectacular creation all on its own.


However, if you do want to accessorize, then Ms. Larnia probably has exactly what you need!


Hair: [kik]hair-Fine-I(black)

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Lagoon (ML)

Jewelry: Donna Flora STARFISH set emerald

Dress: Donna Flora ALGA

One thought on “Alga

  1. usuallyblonde

    I love that necklace, and it’s perfect with that gown. Gorgeous!


A good friend of mine suggested I head over to the Museum sim to check out some great builds by  Carlolello Zapatero. Today I strolled around these beautiful Temple ruins. The whole sim is full of historical builds and signs with information about the builds—a true museum experience in SL! It was the perfect occasion for this elegant new offering from Squinternet Larnia at Donna Flora. She has a couple of new gowns coming out (hint: check back in a couple of days!!!). This one is called Fiona:


I really appreciate the wonderful sculpted bodice—not an easy thing to do! And here inside the ruin I can give my sweet parasol from Montagne Noire a rest.



Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Vixie Flat Sandals

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Grey (ML)

Dress: Donna Flora FIONA

Hair: TRUTH< Pandora – mocha

Bracelets: *JD*BRACELET INKA  blue

Parasol: Montagne Noire – Le Parasol – scripted umbrella – snowdrop (on Marketplace)

Location: Museum Island


Another glorious creation from Agnes Finney– Queen Viola:



With designs like this one I simply want to wear a ballgown all the time!!! I am not usually one to wear gigantic flowers on my head, but I just love this rose headpiece that comes with the gown. The roses in the gown are set off by Donna Flora’s Agnes set in gold.


My carriage awaits!


Dress and Headpiece: Agnes Finney Viola Champagne Gown

Jewelry: Donna Flora Agnes Set Gold

Shoes: [e] Move Pumps – Crème

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Gold (ML)

Hair: *SS* Briana – Coffee (Hair Fair 2011)

One thought on “Viola

  1. LisaMun Aronowicz

    Gorgeous gown and beautiful pics!

Accessories Fair 2011 x2

#1: It’s always nice when you have a friend that will play dress up with you, and two avs can wear twice the accessories! I haven’t spent as much time in SL as usual (more on that later this week), so I have only done a couple of perfunctory run-throughs of the Accessories Fair, but what I have seen I adore!

#2: It’s also nice when said friend has different taste in accessories and therefore brings variety to the table! Where would I be without you, girl?

The Accessories Fair runs through June 26th, so get there while there is still time!




Gypsy is wearing:

Hair: TRUTH Betty espresso

Eyes: pc classic ‘molten chocolate’

*Bracelet and rings: bubble Guinivere copper

*Necklace: Bliensen+MaiTai Bottlecap ABC necklace

Dress: anuenue- Maia(White)

*Earrings: Indy & Co. Adele earring

Eliza is wearing:

Hair: [e] Details – Black 02

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Silver&Green 3 (ML)

Dress: {mon tissu} Crossroads Maxi Dress ~ In Bloom Multi

*Jewelry: Donna Flora PARADISE coral jade

*= @Accessories Fair