Better Late Than Never

I had a couple of cute poses from Pose Fair that I meant to get to before Pose Fair ended, but RL got in the way. I have a weakness for sweet, playful poses, and I found two great ones at this year’s Pose Fair. This first one is from DLuxx. Stewart told me to behave or he would dump me unceremoniously into the pond.


Another sweet pose is Trying to Hold On from the talented RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur.


Stewart is wearing:

Hair: Exile Evan by Kavar Cleanslate

Skin: Belleza Dylan by Tricky Boucher

Trunks: Fatewear Zack Short Volcano by Damien Fate

Eliza is wearing:

Hair: Analog Dog snapshot 1b by Queue Marlowe

Skin: Izzie’s Holly Fair by Izzie Button

Tank: Friday Tank-Pink by Darling Monday

Pants: {mon tissu} Bloomsbury Trousers ~ Arboretum by Elie Spot

Poses: Photo1: DLuxx  Photo 2: Exposeur

One thought on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Carmilla Mirabeau

    Very pretty. Can you tell me where you shot this? Tyvm