Skin Fair 2015: Lara Hurley

One of my downfalls as a blogger is that I get lazy with skins. I tend to find one that I like and stick with it for awhile. Skin Fair makes me get a look at what is new out there, and also reintroduces me to skin makers like Lara Hurley, who has been putting out quality skins for years. Elea adds to the collection, and to me is one of the most realistic-looking skins I have seen in a long time. Lara Hurley can be found on Skin Fair Sim 2.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Delphine by Truth Hawks

Eyes: Dead Apples Mesh – Marble Eyes by Soleil Reid (@The Men’s Dept)

Skin: Lara Hurley Elea by Lara Hurley (@Skin Fair 2)

Pose: !bang stand 323 by Luna Jubilee

Skin Fair 2015-Nar Mattaru

Jade Glazner is a creator who is new to me, and it is always exciting to find new, quality skin makers. Skin Fair is wonderful for that very reason. Jade has released Kyrin for Skin Fair this year, and I am impressed with the creamy highlights and smooth texture of this skin. There are also eyebrow and lipstick options available…I am wearing the lipstick in light red. I decided not to go with the eyeshadow for this photo so that the skin is more fully visible. I haven’t wanted to take it off since I put it on…so I will definitely be eager to see what Jade comes up with next. Nar Mattaru can be found on Sim 1 at Skin Fair.

Kavar Cleanslate released this hairstyle for the gentlemen, but as I told one of my friends, my RL hair looks quite a lot like this after I get out of the shower, so I guess that means I’m a man.

Hair: ::Exile::Give away your Secrets by Kavar Cleanslate

Eyes: Eyes: Dead Apples Mesh – Marble Eyes by Soleil Reid (@The Men’s Dept)

Skin: Nar Mattaru Kyrin by Jade Glazner (@Skin Fair Sim 1)

Pose: !bang stand 478 by Luna Jubilee (Coming soon for Shiny Shabby)

Skin Fair 2015: Belleza

I always look forward to what Belleza will release for Skin Fair and this year I am not disappointed.  Grace has the beautiful, classic lines that I have come to associate with Belleza skins. Tess has a softer feel and a slightly (on my shape) eastern-European cast to it that I very much enjoy, reminding me quite a lot of the gorgeous Annet Mahendru  from FX’s The Americans.  Belleza’s booth can be found on sim 1 at Skin Fair.





Hair: TRUTH HAIR Avena by Truth Hawks

Eyes: Dead Apples Mesh – Marble Eyes by Soleil Reid (@The Men’s Dept)

Skin:  Belleza Grace, Tess by Shyla Diggs

Pose: bang! stand 219 by Luna Jubilee

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Skin Fair 2014: More Faves

So many skins, so little time!

Nicole Button has released two skins for the Skin Fair this year…today I am wearing Anjali. This is a more mature skin than I have worn lately, but I love the bone structure of this one.



I went through a period in SL where I wore nothing but Apple May skins. They are so soft and sweet…they are still a favorite, and this year’s Skin Fair release, Suki, is no exception.


I am not generally a fan of super young skins, middle-aged woman that I am, but Aida Ewing’s fresh-faced and glossy-lipped Romy is well worth a return to teenager-hood, as long as I don’t have to stay there!



PHOTOSHOP details: The hair in these photos was processed with Photoshop. The skins are untouched with the exception of some shadow removal.


Hair: TRUTH Haters by Truth Hawks

Eyes: Dead Apples Striking Eyes by Josh Figgis (@The Men’s Dept)

Skin Photo 1: Egozy.Anjali (Pale).SOFT by Nicole Button (@Skin Fair Sim 2)

Skin Photo 2: (Apple May Designs) Suki – Pale by Apple May (@Skin Fair 1)

Skin Photo 3: Glam Affair Romy Asia (with eyebrow set 1) by aida Ewing (@Skin Fair 1)

Pose: !bang – stand 357M by Luna Jubilee