Phoenix Dying

My friend Dandara Swords released these beautiful Phoenix earrings at the Jewelry Fair and it got me to thinking about the famous phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes legend. If you’ve read or seen Harry Potter then you’ve seen one interpretation. Usually the phoenix is an inspiring talisman—life will go on, the unquenchable hope for the future…you know the drill. What we forget sometimes is that the phoenix spends a fair amount of time as ashes, as nothing more than a pile of discarded carbon particles, without hope, without life, nothing. Not as insipiring, is it, although it is extremely relevant to life. Is it any wonder that we prefer to think about the phoenix in its fiery, transformative glory?

The Fire sim at the Jewelry Fair is the perfect  backdrop for such a creature, as is this lovely gown from Ley-Ly.




Dress: Ley-Ly Lady Gown by Marika Smedley

Earrings: The Pumpkin Head Phoenix Earrings  by Dandara Swords, located on the Fire sim of the Jewelry Fair

Hair: TRUTH Brandi-espresso by Truth Hawks

Necklace: Dragon Charm Designs Flaming Rose Necklace by Ephedra Loon, located on the Fire sim of the Jewelry Fair

Eyes: FASHISM Sunrise Eyes-Grey by Ikon Innovia

One thought on “Phoenix Dying

  1. gilliangalicia

    Wonderful look, and a very well-done and thought-provoking post!