I happened to run across this lovely gown from Dashwood while I was doing some shopping the other day. Named Pippa, it does bring back to mind that gorgeous Sarah Burton bridesmaid dress that Pippa Middleton wore so elegantly. Today I was in the mood for color, though, so I chose the deep red option. When you are going to be formal, one of the best-known (and crowded) places to go is Franks. This place has been around as long as I have been in SL, and I have never seen the place empty. That’s saying something. It’s a beautiful place, once everything rezzes! More on that further down…


My gorgeous ring is a promotional release from Addiction Jewelry—a steal at only 55L!


I also have to give a plug to Firestorm. Ever been frustrated by things or people not rezzing properly in SL and sitting there as grey as can be? Me too.

See all those folks behind me? After half an hour most of them still hadn’t rezzed yet. This is usually the case in a location where there are lots of avs hanging out. Firestorm/Phoenix has included a texture refresh option on the pie/context menu so that you can make those darn folks rez! You can right click on the person who isn’t rezzing and choose Texture Refresh:

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 21 08.19

Works like a charm, and on objects, too. (In Phoenix this will be in the pie menu) Well done, Firestorm!

Hair: Analog Dog tangent raw umber by Queue Marlowe

Skin: LAQ Ebba Peach by Mallory Cowen

Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Arabian Blue (S) by Ikon Innovia

Dress: Dashwood – “Pippa” – Formal Dress (RED) by Dashwood Muircastle

Ring: Addiction Diamond Snowflake Cocktail Ring by Atiya Masala

Location: Franks Place 2 by Nancee Sinatra

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  1. LisaMun Aronowicz

    Lovely pics!