This month there is so much information flying around about breast cancer awareness that it can be hard to sort out. If you type in “Breast Cancer Awareness” in the SL search window you will be inundated with pages of events going on to raise money for breast cancer research. When I tried to think of someone I knew that had battled this disease, I didn’t have to look far—more than one of my friends have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer just in the last few years. It is a disease that affects many.

I am not usually one to promote donations to organizations. My feeling is that individuals should investigate reputable organizations on their own and donate where they feel their contribution will do the most good. And there are a lot of them out there.

So during this month, do your research. Should you feel inclined, attend an event. Visit a breast cancer awareness location in SL. Make a donation to an organization that you feel will put your contribution to the best use. And hope for the day when there is a cure.  pink-ribbon




Underwear: Bloomers ” Cil Lingerie pink ‘Moon’ Cilian’gel 1920’s by Cilia Shepherd

Skin: (Apple May Designs) Catalina – Deep Tan by Apple May

Necklace: *N@N@*Lotus back necklace by Natem Andel

Ring: Exquisite Lotus Blossom Cocktail Ring – Pink by  Mericatherine Quinnell

Hair: TRUTH< Isla – espresso by Truth Hawks

Wall Art and Chaise: Pink Love Room (from TWOLHA event 2010) by Chaotic Monday

House: Thistle Sweet Pea Cottage Valentine’s Edition by Liz Gealach (this edition is no longer available but the Spring Edition is and pink is one color option!)


My school does a lot of fund raising for different research foundations and last year some students took it into their heads to make this video promoting breast cancer awareness. You’ll see why I love what I do. The students got the whole school involved, but I have to say my favorite is the math teacher. Smile 


Want to see more? Type in “Pink Glove Dance” on Youtube and you will see a ton of these.

Vintage Elegance

Bruce has been pestering me to do a vintage post lately and even went out and found stuff he thought I should blog. Talk about really getting into things! Anyway, once he got me in the store I went crazy myself, mostly because of this gorgeous camisole and bloomers from Cilia Shepherd. It’s embarrassing, but I actually did scream a little bit when I saw them for the first time.


Also to die for is this beautifully rendered 30’s hairstyle from MrSigmund Fride, with its perfectly marcelled waves!


And finally Bruce got to make his manly appearance in this great outfit from Tatiana Starsider. Sexy, huh, girls? Since there was way more stuff that we wanted  to blog that we couldn’t fit in this post, we will have to do the rest another time, I guess,. I better watch out or I may experience a hostile model takeover on this blog!!!!



Eliza is wearing:

Hair: MrS_TAMARA- 30’s retro’ hairstyle – mixed brown

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Green (ML)

Jewelry: Caroline’s (Various black pearl)

Outfit: Cil Lingerie black ‘Moon’ Cilian’gel 1920’s

Shoes: Ingenue :: Judy :: Blackout

Screen and Stool: Dark lady folding screen & stool (from the Monthly Deal @Italica Interior Design)

Bruce is wearing:

Skin: Unique-Jeffrey

Outfit: Starchild-The Brawler

Suspenders: Meriken Co. Suspenders Men’s Black

Hair: Armidi-Cadiz