You Lie

You lie

You don’t want to hurt me

So you lie, buy a little time

And I go along, what else can I do

Maybe it’s wrong

But you know how much I love you

So you lie

Till you can find a way to say goodbye,

You lie

-Reba McEntire




That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the new Wendy avatar available at Synergy—particularly the hairstyle. Have a look:


Totally Reba, right??? Reba has always been a favorite of mine. And if you check out the video, it hails back to a time before her current, more trendy look. She is, though, a quintessentially classy lady who knows about life, love and pain and knows how to communicate it to her audience. She definitely speaks to me.

Hair: ChiChickie! Wendy – Espresso (part of the Wendy avatar at Synergy) by Chiana Meredith

Earrings: Beauty Code Brown Glow Earrings by JaneDark Miles

Jacket: Izzie’s -Long Knit Cardigan brown by Izzie Button

Pants: Mischief Workman’s Pant Cocoa by Ed Papp

Boots: MIEL FAR BOOTS – SOLID by Miel Nirvana

Decking: Panache Windbrooke Clamshell by Zyrra Falcone