I dressed up for a theme party this week and decided I liked being a tree and wore it for another day. Sands Leavitt’s Sehkmet dress is just the right shape and size for my leafy limbs. It has taken me forever to realize that Alia Baroque’s fabulous fantasy skins now come with Omega appliers. There are no words to express my happiness about this. This one is called Fleurs and was the perfect fit for my night out as a dryad.


Headdress: Boudoir Forest King Head Piece by Precious Restless

Skin/Accessories: Fallen Gods Fleurs by Alia Baroque

Eyes: :Conviction: Klionvuc Eyes by August Farlight

Necklace: EF: Pikorua Necklace by EmpyreanForge

Hands: *Figment* Dryad Hand by DreamFantasia Nightfire

Dress: [Azuchi] Sekhmet Dress Physique Brown by Sands Leavitt (@The Fantasy Collective)

Boots: Caverna Obscura Summer Oak Boot by Elvira Ewing

Trees: Heart Wildwood Giant Oak Forest by Lilith Heart

Fire Mage

The beautiful dark skins that Aikea Rieko is releasing at Fantasy Faire this year are making my imagination go crazy. While this particular fantasy involved the necessary covering up of the avatar to avoid scorching everything around it, I am sure I will find another way to use these gorgeous dark skins. But today I am inspired by the Fire Mage Master from Robin McKinley’s novel Chalice.

My magical, protective fire-proof outfit today comes from Damien Fate, and keeps me from burning anyone who touches me to a crisp. My cracked fire tattoo is a nice match for this lovely skin.




Hair: >TRUTH< Elisha – blood by Truth Hawks

Skin: :[P]:- Draziirah [Female]://Inferno by Aikea Rieko (@Fantasy Faire Evensong Woods)

Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Pumpkin by Ikon Innovia

Tattoo: Caverna Obscura Fire Cracks Full Body Tattoo by Elvina Ewing

Outfit: FATEwear – Ithron – Earth (XS) (Cloaked) by Damien Fate (@Fantasy Faire Titan’s Hollow)

One thought on “Fire Mage

  1. Rudhmellowen

    Wow when you’re fantasy side comes out Eliza it comes out in true technicolour, you look absolutely amazing! I mean you always look gorgeous but this is just… WOW!


A friend of mine had his rez day recently and another friend threw a party for him with an Arabian Nights theme. Now I am not one to get into role play or even costume dress-up unless it’s something I am interested in. What we do for friends, right?

Anyway, the women’s Arabian-esque wardrobe options in SL left me frankly quaking in my boots—as one of my girlfriends says, it takes a lot to cover a girl up in SL! In my case, I needed two outfits to achieve comfort level that also fulfilled my diva attitude about fashion. The first is the Shahrazad by the talented Elvina Ewing. My sleeves, skirt veil and pants are all from the outfit. I am so impressed with the gauzy, glowing fabric of the sleeves and pants and the rich tailoring on the skirt. Gorgeous.

My top is from FallN Angel Creations and it won the shirt prize due to it’s delicate beading on the torso that also served to cover up a bit more Eliza! Well, that’s what made me look twice, anyway. That second look revealed beautiful texturing and sparkle, so this was a total win.



I just love the floaty feel of the leggings and sleeves as well as the tiny details on the knees and ankles.  And a more gorgeous Princess Jasmine-like hair than Elikatira’s Abbey I have never seen, so all in all it was the perfect combination. Sometimes it’s all about mixing and matching! All wardrobe drama aside, it was an evening of fun and friends and music from the amazing Samm Qendra. I hope you get a chance to hear this lovely lady sing sometime!

Here is the whole crowd:

Happy Rez Day 1

Hair: [e] Abbey – Black 02 by Elikapeka Tiramisu

Skin: [HUSH] Christine – Bronze – Cocoa by Hush Darkrose

Outfit: Caverna Obscura Shahrazad Gold by Elvina Ewing

Top: FallN Angel Creations FallnLuciOutfitTopBrown by Azriel Demain

Shoes: Zaara : Ilaida Mojri *jeweled black* gold by Zaara Kohime