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My Fantasy Faire posts have turned out to be mostly inspiration from fantasy novels, of which I read many. Escapist? I suppose. But SL is nothing if not escapist, so my two escapes combine during this week. Today my beautiful medieval dress from Dream Things reminded me of Kristin Cashore’s Fire, a half human, half monster girl who is so beautiful and so powerful that she can control anyone through their minds. So lovely is she that everyone wants her to control them. Unlike her father who reveled in his power, Fire finds this kind of manipulation of others to be deeply wrong, and covers up her beauty as much as possible to protect the people around her. This lovely gown helps with that!

Animals do not like Fire, with just one exception…her somewhat boring but very loyal horse Small. He doesn’t mind her glowing red-fuschia hair or her propensity to make him go into dangerous situations with her. Fire shows us that physical beauty can be a destructive thing indeed, and that no matter how gorgeous someone is on the outside, it really is what’s on the inside that counts.





Hair: >TRUTH< Kaelyn – gem/cherry by Truth Hawks

Skin: -Belleza- Mya Pale R 3 by Tricky Boucher

Outfit: DreamThings Marcelle Emerald by Pia Uladstron (@Fantasy Faire Lumenaria)

Horse: Captivity Poses – Horse Love by Shannoncharlize Gossipgirl

Saddle: DoDads Dreamer’s Gambler Silver by Lita Christenson

Castle Build by Stewart Jacobus

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  1. Rudhmellowen

    Love these pics sweetie, you fit well into the Disney Challenge for week 6 when we dressed as Merida from Brave!

Pose Fair 2012: Horse Love

Captivity has a great mesh horse prop at the Pose Fair. When I first saw it I was reminded of a photo I took when my Uncle Tim took me and a group of cousins up into the high Uintahs on horseback. It remains to this day one of my favorite trips ever. So I pulled the photo out of the scrapbook and scanned it. This is Zach, he was always my horse when my uncle took us on these overnighters. He was a big part-Clydesdale, part Morgan and we got along well together.


I know, I know, I am the height of fashion here. Let’s just remember that I was sleeping on the ground and about a hundred miles from anywhere, so no judging, please! Smile

I have named my mesh horse Zach in my old friend’s honor.


There are five different poses that come with the horse and you can change the color of the coat and the mane. I tried to get him to look as much like my Zach as possible. And as for me, I did manage to find a similar, albeit more stylish sweatshirt and hat. I really like this casual hat style from Argrace. No Green Eggs and Ham, but we’ll just call that an improvement. My jeans are from PerleRare at Oh! and they are perfect for comfy horseback riding, being definitely more curvy-style than many other mesh jeans I have seen.


Hair: *ARGRACE* Military Cap “Loose Chignon” ~ (Dark brown) by rika Oyen

Sweatshirt: {mon tissu} Austen Pullover / Rigged Mesh by Elie Spot

Jeans: .:Oh !:. Mesh Jeans Light Blue by PerleRare Freese

Horse/Poses: Captivity Poses – Horse Love by ShannonCharlize Gossip Girl @Pose Fair South

Location: Realms of Mystara

One thought on “Pose Fair 2012: Horse Love

  1. Nicandra Laval

    Ooooh Eliza.. so sweet to see you in rl and the resemblance with the sl picture is so cute, greetings , Nic