This was me at almost every single high-school and college dance: Tall, clumsy, and inevitably off sitting on the bleachers watching some bouncy, petite, cute thing dance with the object of my sad teenaged affection.

Fast-forward twenty years, I no longer care about that. But now I watch the same thing happen on the sidelines of dances at which I am now a chaperone. I am not sure which is worse, going through it or watching my poor students go through it. Of course, now students practically hump each other on the dance floor so that’s got to be fun if your crush is dancing with yet another bouncy, petite, cute thing.

At least now, thanks to another wonderful design from Sakide, I can look nice while being a wallflower and wishing that guy would dance with me.




Hair: TRUTH HAIR Winona – Black&Whites05 by Truth Hawks

Skin: Glam Affair – Cassiopea – Jamaica – Tesea by Aida Ewing

Jewelry: [Belgravia] Circa 1885 – Necklace – Pure Snow by Jin Elfan

Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Obsession Gown by Kinu Mayako (@the 24)

Champagne Glass: cYo Champagne Glass Mesh by Madeliefste Oh

Pose: Eliza Quixote

Location: Angel Manor Estate