Willing Suspension

My husband and I watch the new-ish series called Nikita on the CW. Based on the excellent 1990 Luc Besson film La femme Nikita, it’s an assassin-turned-rogue-who-is-out-to-take-the-big-bad-covert-ops-organization-down kind of story. It is actually well written and acted, and the actors are pretty believable, particularly Melinda Clarke, who plays the chilling and sadistic Amanda. However, the title character, while I do like the writing and back-story, is a little harder to believe. Maggie Q plays Nikita, and while she is a brilliant little actress and stunningly beautiful, she cannot weigh more than eighty pounds soaking wet. And she regularly takes down men that weigh 200-300 pounds, usually armed as well. Just. doesn’t. happen.  In the first episode she assassinates a huge disreputable guy with her bare hands in public while wearing only a bikini. Probably every heterosexual male’s hottest fantasy, but still. Really?

Anyway, though it stretches the imagination a little too much, it’s an entertaining show and I like watching the fight scenes. All this came to mind when I received two particular items this week. One is this amazing new hair from Likeli. Seriously. This hair is amazing, there is just no other word for it. I would love hair like this, although it would get in the way of punching people. The other is this teeny tiny dress from Zeljkogirl Solo which I believe would be very hard to kick butt in, but Nikita does it regularly, and sometimes in high heels. And when the hand-fighting goes south, there is always this no-nonsense (and free, I might add) pistol from AGrid Aftermath.



Topaz Adjust 5 came out this week and I have been playing around with the filter options….what do you think?


Hair: -Likeli- _Black Curly’Fro 2 by Sandro Fratica

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Black (S) by Ikon Innovia

Skin: Apple May Eliza Dark by Apple May

Earrings: Finesmith Rusalka Earrings by Yula Finesmith

Dress (Including gloves): Mu-Shi Doll knit black dress by Zeljkogirl Solo (@Designer Circle)

Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather by Bax Coen

Gun: [AG] Weapon Box – Apprentice Beretta by AGrid Aftermath (Marketplace)

2 thoughts on “Willing Suspension

  1. gilliangalicia

    Great look, Eliza! Petite AND deadly. 🙂 Nice work on the shots, too.

  2. Nicandra Laval

    super pictures Eliza, bye bye Nic


Just walking along, not bothering anyone….


Whoops! Looks like someone didn’t clean up after doggie!!!


Just can’t be getting anything on my new shooooooeeeeesssss!!!!


Hair: TRUTH< Pandora – cocoa

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Verdigris

Jewelry: Vincenca Rosca Jewellery EarringMagicCubes (lm to main store, this was a Designer’s Circle item)

Belt: BAX Leather Belt Browns M

Shoes: LOORDES OF LONDON-DESERT SANDS BOOT-NATURAL&CREAM (Designer’s Circle starting Aug. 22)

Bangles: LOORDES OF LONDON-BANGLE Natural (Designer’s Circle starting Aug. 22)

Shirt: :::Sn@tch Darling Bodysuit Top (Beige-S):::

Pants: =DeLa*= Leather pants “Linda” Bronz

Tote: LOORDES OF LONDON-DESERT SANDS-CREAM&NATURAL TOTE (Designer’s Circle starting Aug. 22)


I have to admit that when I saw this new release from Agnes Finney I had mixed feelings. One the one hand, it’s so adorable! The polka dots are so cheery and match my pearl earrings from Endra Graves. On the other hand, my first thought was, “what a cute outfit to wear back to school!” Whereupon I promptly decided I was crazy because it’s not time to go back to school yet, is it? Is it?!?!?

So instead I will go out for a lovely walk on this nice breezy summer day.



Hair: Hairoin Francine Large – Black_Coffee

Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather

Dress: Agnes Finney Zoe 1

Eyes: pc classic – rain at the beach (m)

Purse: Shiny Things Petal Bag – valentine

Jewelry: Artistry by E Gina Set

One thought on “Zoe

  1. gilliangalicia

    Cute! I know…hard to believe it’s almost that time of year again. Where did the summer go?