52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Persian Rose

I knew I bought this dress during Fashion For Life for a reason! I never get dressed up in SL anymore, it’s quite sad, actually. If anyone wants to squire me around in a ball gown please let me know. In the meantime, I get to put on my fancy duds for the color challenge.


I simply love this gorgeous jewelry set from Vox. I think I will give a few away next week. And congrats to Jade who wins the Sexy Mama’s maxi dress from last week.


Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amanda/Espresso by Catwa Clip

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Rose Blush, w3) by Arkesh Baral

Jewelry: Vox Satellite Rhea by Eidolon Aeon

Dress: -AZUL-(FFL2012) Michela Ruby by Mami Jewell

Poses: Reel Expressions

9 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Persian Rose

  1. Ygrey Auer

    Pretty! Me too, I never wear gowns, it’s a pity.
    ¿Hacemos un baile?

  2. Rudhmellowen

    Wow Bright colours and pretty accessories… what a gorgeous picture set hon!

  3. inkie Loudwater

    Love it amazing you captured the Perzian nights

  4. Anichka Savira

    Gorgeous, I love that gown, so elegant.

  5. Laura Streeter

    Aw Eliza between the dress and the jewels it’s beautiful!

  6. Nicandra Laval

    oh so sad you never get up dressed for a ball room dance anymore.They don’t know how gorgeous your look will be.

  7. Asia Romano

    Such an elegant dress. Super pic and post 🙂

  8. ayakofirecaster

    You look beautiful and elegant! Lovely pics Eliza 🙂

  9. Madison

    You look so beautiful Eliza!!! I agree, I don’t wear many gowns anymore, such a shame since there are so many beautiful ones out there!!!


My friend Finned and I were at Fashion for Life late Tuesday night throwing L’s at vendors so we could hit the goal of 5.25 million. The only problem was trying to decide what to choose from all the awesome stuff there was. Anyway, Finned gave me this dress and told me I was assigned to blog it. This is one of Azul’s FFL items and it makes me feel very Kate Middleton—so feminine and princessy. Maybe I should have worn my hair down.


Another item that I am happy to blog about is the new Nadia skin from HUIT. I really like the youthful shine of this skin. My favorite thing, however, is the collarbone and neck transition. This is a hard thing to get right in skins, and Nadia has a slight dip and bend in the collarbone and the neck tendons flow naturally into the neck and chin.


Also a shout out to the new Firestorm viewer…I cranked my graphics up as high as they would go and enabled shadows and ambience and all what have you, and nary a graphics line to be found! Thanks, team!

Hair: [elikatira] Charmed – Brown 09 by Elikapeka Tiramisu

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Silver&Green (from FFL 2011-no longer available) by Ikon Innovia

Skin: HUIT Nadia3 by Mikoto Lisa

Earrings: U&R Dogs Meringue Pierced Earrings Antique by Ruriko Jewell

Necklace: MG Necklace – Serena Teardrop – WHITE PEARL – GOLD by Maxi Gossamer

Dress: –AZUL-(FFL2012) Blossoms Joli/Pink by Mami Jewell

Shoes: *KittiesLair* Sandals03g Nadia Fallow by Babette Ultsch

Location: Tea Time, Amia

Poses: Adorkable

One thought on “Nadia

  1. Harper Beresford

    I see good taste runs in the family. Looks gorgeous on you, Eliza,and the photos are gorgeous. Thanks for joining us at Fashion for Life!

Fashion for Life 2012: Azul

This has to be one of my favorite items from Fashion for Life this year. I had my gorgeous friend Isabelle come in to model this glorious creation that fits her pixel body like a glove. I think she could outdo just about any lady on the red carpet!


I have enjoyed taking my photos on the Fashion for Life builds and today the only one that would do was Volta, sponsored by Sonatta Morales and built by Troy Vogel. Simple and stunning elegance. Now there is very little time left for you to get your Fashion for Life purchases, so get going, tick tock!


Hair: MINT Gia Hair Majestic by Nuri Rau

Eyes: IKON Sunrise Arabian Blue by Ikon Innovia Zeit

Dress: -AZUL-(FFL2012) Marcela Sapphire by Mami Jewell

Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Madison Dream Antique Pearl by Chrissy Ambrose Volta

Poses: !bang

Location: Dreamseeker Volta