There is always such a huge amount of hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl halftime show and even more so in recent years following the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. In the years since they have brought Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and Tom Petty to “keep it PG” at the half time show. Then people complained about that because the artists were too old. Ah, the fickle public. So this year they brought The Black Eyed Peas, who, while not my favorite group, are generally known for putting on a reliable show. And I think the people in the stadium in Dallas probably got a pretty good one. I was not thrilled with it, it was a little screamy and unmusical for my taste. I am a fan in particular of Fergie, who does have a great voice and does sing some great music, it just wasn’t there that night. However, she LOOKED great. So great in fact, I wondered if I could replicate her look in SL. What do you think? Gorgeous, right?

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By Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY

Now, there is a dearth of sequins in SL. Oh, and light-up concert-wear. But I did my best with what I could find. How did I do?

This picture is my tribute to all the neon-clad dancers that backed up the show!

Well, it may not have been the best Super Bowl performance ever, but hey, big girls don’t cry now, do they?

Armor-(Yes, ARMOR!): [GI] Dagun Priest (white)
Top 1: (nova) suede dress BLACK (undershirt layer)
Top 2: **GizzA** Magnetic Corset Black Upper
Skirt: **GizzA** Magnetic Corset Skirt
Boots: Black Laced up Knee Boots
Tights: **Vextra Messing** Fishnet pantyhose black
Hair: .:vive9 :. Freja in Telson

3 thoughts on “Super

  1. LisaMun Aronowicz

    I love this outfit that you put together so effortlessly, and OMG the first pic is so well-taken, I thought for a moment it was an RL pic of that superbowl performance LOL!

  2. Eliza

    Lisa, thank you so much! The very first pic IS actually a picture of the Black Eyed Peas from the Super Bowl, for reference. Athough if I had had the time I’d have loved to come up with an SL version of the four of them!

  3. LisaMun Aronowicz

    ohhh nono, I meant the first single pic you took after the group photo of the superbowl performance!LOLOL The lighting on your face, the pose, all look so RL!!

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