Spring Fever But No Spring

February is a month where those of us who live in the northern climes start looking forward to warmer weather—but it always turns out to be a bit precipitous. I try to break out the warmer-weather clothes, but then there is an inevitable cold snap that reminds me that winter is still in full force, and that the warmth and the greenness of springtime are not quite ready to make their appearance. So today I chose warm boots and a warm jacket, while wearing a pair of cut-off shorts in an attempt to show winter that I defy his dominance.

I love the texture on this jacket by L’Abel. All the textures flow seamlessly and the prim attachments are not—well, glaringly prim attachments!

I am absolutely in love with these boots from J’s. I am a huge J’s fan and own about everything in the store. These are a fairly new addition and I love the clog feel of them combined with the warm wool sock—which, incidentally, comes with a color change script. I think the bird likes them, too!

Jacket: **en Svale**  Denim Jacket(Bleach)

Shirt: AA-Tank Floral Brown

Shorts: (nova) denim jeans SHORTS light wash

Boots: J’s SABO Boots (Sand)

Stool: Olive Juice- Into The Woods Stool

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