Someday My Prince Will Come

A friend of mine made a replica of Harlech Castle in Wales, and I decided to use it for my photo shoot today. I have always been fascinated with British history in particular. Sometimes I can be guilty of romanticizing past eras, mostly because I forget that if I actually HAD lived in that time, I certainly would not have been part of the well-dressed nobility! Also I am sure my accuracy in historical fashion is way off, but I couldn’t say no to this lovely gown by Luna Barak at Moonstruck. Perfect for waiting for Prince Charming to arrive.


Then again, who wants to wait around for the prince to show up?!?!

Dress: !! MOONSTRUCK !! GENZIANA – Green

Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Tudor Lady Katherine/black

Jewerly: Mariposa: Aubade – Bronze/Jade (closed)

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