A fantastic group gift from Miel inspired me to do a bit of trekking around my cabin this week:


Please no catcalls from you experienced snow-shoers out there about my stride! My outfit is from Severed Garden and my red cheeks and dry lips are again from Miss Izzie Button. This girl needs to get herself some Chapstick!


After all that it was time to go in and sit by the Christmas tree and relax a bit. This tree is from Cierra Anatine at Kismet. I am a bit particular about my Christmas trees and the truth is that there are just not a lot that really look like a tree as much as a bunch of linked prims in SL. This one is my favorite this year, with it’s perfectly wound ribbons and individual ornaments. A word of warning though, this tree packs a punch at 126 prims. There is a basic version with no ornaments that doesn’t use quite so many prims. Wonder what’s in those boxes, hmmmmmm?


Hair: ::Exile:: Caramina:Roots-Swiss by Kavar Cleanslate

Skin: LAQ Ebba Peach by Mallory Cowen

Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Arabian Blue (S) by Ikon Innovia

Outfit: Severed Garden Kaja Blue by Berta Avro

Socks: [knickknack] knitted sock sculpt BEIGE by Levia Larsson

Legwarmers: Gawk! Brown Wool Legwarmers by Mell McMahon

Snowshoes: Miel Snow Shoes (Group Gift) by Mika Nieuport

Christmas tree: Kismet Christmas Tree 2011 by Cierra Anatine

Cottage: What Next Snow Summit Cabin by Winter Thorn

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