Snow Day

There is nothing like a snow day to give you a sense of found free time, and secretly teachers like snow days just as much as students. One of my favorite things to do when I suddenly have time on my hands is read. Is there anything better when it’s cold and snowy than knowing you don’t have to go anywhere, but can cozy up with a book and a cup of cocoa and read to your heart’s content? You can stay in your pajamas or put on your most comfortable sweater and fuzzy socks and just relax.


Snuggling is best with cozy blankets and these beauties from Bittersweet Creek are perfect for keeping warm as you hunker down in your easy chair.
Stay warm!

Quilts: Bittersweet Creek Hanging Quilt
Socks: JANE – lil piggies custard
Shorts: ::P:: Chino Shorts, Olive
Sweater: JANE – aviator sweater.cream
Braid: >TRUTH< Josephine - espresso

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