Skin Fair….FINALLY!

So about a week after the Skin Fair started I finally made it in…I am telling you, this is the place to be these days. I kept seeing all these great skins on the feeds but never being able to go and see them for myself! I finally got in (and then promptly got kicked out for wearing too many scripted items—i.e., hair, shoes, etc.) So I de-scripted myself and tried again. Magic! A good skin is hard to find and is one of the items you will pay the most for in SL. I usually find a skin I like and then stick to it for months. The ones I usually wear are from LAQ or Belleza, and I am still completely in love with them. However, in the interest of keeping things new, I budgeted my Ls so that I could try a few new ones. So first of all we have Meggan from Unique. One thing that took some getting used to were the fuller lips on this skin—but as I was going through demos this is the one that got the highest amount of thumbs ups from friends.

Hopefully I will be able to get back in soon! The skin fair goes through March 6th, so be patient, de-scriptify yourself and have some fun!

Hair: A&A Cookie Hair 1

Jewelry: * AV-Sylvie collection Ruby

Shoes: Babsy Clogs Red

Shirt: Nyte’N’Day Clothing – Bridle Red

Shorts: * K.I.T. – Deauville Shorts black

Skin: Meggan_05_by_Nany_Merlin

One thought on “Skin Fair….FINALLY!

  1. Mimi Namiboo

    you have picked a gorgeous skin, I love Unique because the faces are really adorable!

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