Shake It

My school offers a dance class after school on Thursdays for any faculty who want to go. So I go. Mostly it is me and a bunch of older ladies attempting to dance around. Highly comical, and we laugh a lot. It gets us through. The highlight, however, is when the middle and upper school students show up and think it great entertainment to watch middle-aged and older ladies attempt to wiggle their backsides. I just focus on the music and try to not hear the snickering. Their day will come. All I can say is that we have got to be pretty secure in ourselves to try to shake our bon bons in front of all those young, nubile teenagers. Fortunately my backside is quite a bit more coordinated in SL, and there are really cute clothes to wear while exercising:




I had to use the occasion to try out another hairstyle by Queue Marlowe…this one is called Sunday and this is exactly how I would pull my hair back for working out, getting it out of my face but dealing with a few escaped tendrils from all the shakin’!


How do you shake it?

Shoes: Shoe Center Soft Black Sneaker Shoe Shirt: *Zanzo* Hello! Kitty tee
Pants: !YULI -Hyroto pant black
Hair: Analog Dog sunday onyx

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