Sea Level

I love the ocean, but only so far as I can stand up in the water. My fear of deep water is a bit irrational, I know, but I’ve never had the slightest desire or interest in scuba diving in RL—I leave it to the hardier of spirit. The wonderful designs from the Under the Sea Expo do make me a bit wistful, though about what I am missing by staying out of the deep.

Kriss Lehmann’s items for the Expo make the perfect underwater habitat for these great mesh fish from Oumi Aboubakar and the best and most natural looking sea turtle I have seen in SL from Kaikou Splash. I hope Kaikou will be a part of future Expos!





The NDiver full scuba kit makes getting ready to dive easy. The kit does not come with an AO, but works with any AO you might have.


No matter how lovely it is down there, It’s always a relief to come up for air!!! The Expo runs through tomorrow so make sure to have a look before it’s all over.

Hair: Photo 1&2: Lelutka Pocahontas Almost Goth by Thora Charron. Photo 3: Catwa Lucy Wet (modified) by Catwa Clip

Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes Glen by Ikon Innovia

Scuba Outfit: NDiver Full Green kit by Alleyne Swordthain (@Under the Sea Expo)

Kelp and Boulders: Botanical, Sea Kelp and Boulders by Kriss Lehmann (@Under the Sea Expo)

Fish: Max Textures Designs Free Swimming Mesh Fish by Ouminakati Aboubakar

Turtle: Splash Aquatics Hawksbill Turtle by Kaikou Splash

Other plants: Aquatics by Artemide Qunhua (@Under the Sea Expo), Free Your Nature by Pandore Jarvis, Fantasea by Corkie Houston (@Under the Sea Expo)

Stones and Shells: Flood by Raindrop Lowbeam

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