I’ve decided that it will be good for me to get out of my own blog-mind once in awhile, so this year I am trying something new on my blog by spotlighting other bloggers that I know and love. For my first blogger spotlight I chose Rudhmellowen Laguna, the owner of the aptly named Rudh’s Random Ramblings, since she does write about everything under the sun.


Here’s why I love Rudh:

1. She has worn the same no-mod shape since 2008. How many of you can say that?  Be honest! I know I am tweaking mine all the time.

2. Rudh is seriously the most encouraging person I have met in SL. I regularly read her comments on my blog as well as on others and she is the same on all of them, effervescent and energizing in her praise and feedback.

3. Rudh is her own person and nobody else’s. She knows who she is and doesn’t try to be anything else in order to become popular or main-stream in her blogging, her decorating or her own fashion choices. What an amazing gift.

4. She loves everything (except mesh boobs!). She can be her beautiful biker self with spikes and piercings but still gush over girliness. I don’t think I have ever seen a photo of Rudh’s that didn’t project joy, even when she is a zombie or half-dead, or carrying the chopped off head of someone else, lol.

5. Make Rudh a part of any group and she will soon have you all giggling at something. She’s great fun no matter where you find her. Plus her whole house is a conversation starter and she has pictures of cute boys on her walls. What’s not to love?

In honor of Rudh I tried to style myself in a way that she might style herself. Clearly I fail on footwear, but how did I do on the rest of it?


Thanks for your friendship my dear girl, and keep on spreading the joy.

Rudh is wearing:

Hair: Hair: DeLa – Shell in RedHair by Kuranosuke Kamachi
Glasses: (flaunt) – Spiked Sunglasses by Suriko Leimes (no longer available)
Skin: Ploom – Maia in Smoke Honey by Helyanwe Vindaloo
Piercing: Cute Poison – Beauty Destroyed by Sae Luan
Top: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe – My Glitter Dress in Black by Rogue Falconer
Pants: One Bad Pixel – Skinny Leathers in Blackby OneBadPixel
Boots: [sYs] DOOM Boots in Red Spyker by Systi Cisse

Eliza is wearing:

Hair: >TRUTH< Lavinia w/Roots - espresso by Truth Hawks
Skin: ::Modish:: Isla -Gr.Gift- [Cappucio] by Ele Brandi
Piercing: *Crank Design* Heart Piercing by xen Keng
Top: Etoile Tank-Magenta by Indyra Seigo
Arm Tattoo: [angelic tattoo]Freedom 1 by Anjelina Goldlust
Necklace:  MG – Necklace – Silver Love Tags  – Long by Maxi Gossamer (@ FaMeshed)
Pants: :FANATIK: Leather leggings Black by Funatik (@FaMeshed)
Bracelets: MG – Bracelet – Sedona Valley Gypsy by Maxi Gossamer  (@ FaMeshed)
Feet: [Gos] Barefoot Arched by Gospel Voom

3 thoughts on “Rudh-tastic

  1. Rudhmellowen

    Oh my gosh my little rocker girl protegee where do I begin to comment on this? Firstly thank you so much for the honour… I am really glad you enjoy the way I do things, and I love the fact that the colour challenge helped me meet someone as genuinely lovely as you are! I am actually blushing at the reasons you love me, and although you look great as a wannabe Rudh I am still kind of in shock over how different you actually look hehe! Thank you for being the sweet, gorgeous lady that you are… Now I just have to work out if I could be you?! *hugs tight*

  2. usuallyblonde

    My heart got all melty when I read this on my blog feed. You’ve both made my day :-).

  3. Nicandra Laval

    hahaha super!!!!!!!..and TOTALLY agree about what your write about Rudh

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