Puppy Love

If I didn’t have a very firm hold on myself in RL I could easily end up being one of those ladies that has a million dogs running about the house. I love dogs, especially big ones, so it could get to be a problem. The one dog I allow myself bounded out into the falling snow today, completely delighted with the stuff. Obviously she doesn’t have to shovel it. However, it is hard to remain grumpy in the face of such joy and tunneling and sniffing about. Then she looks at me with her powdery nose, vibrating with happiness and darn it if I’m not smiling even though six more inches will have to be shoveled in the morning.  

I am always looking for good canine companions in SL. Not the ones that hang off your arm in place of a handbag, but proper dogs. So I was delighted to find Fawny’s sweet gacha puppy, available in 16 different poses with two rares. We had a good nose round a wintry sim today.



Hair: MINA Hair – Luca  by Mina Nakamura (@Wayward Winter)

Skin: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for LOGO Head ALEX *Face Maggie* by Steffi Villota

Sweater: { V I N C U E } Turtly+Sweater  by Cate Ying (@The Season’s Story)

Pants: coldLogic pants – wheaton.ash by coldLogic

Shoes: *Connors* CLOGS Vtg Black by Salah Bruno

Puppy: Fawny – My little puppy 1 and 11 by Eva Endless

Collar: Twi~Mesh Wolf Collar*Opencollar blood by tamtjabo Guardian

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