Today’s post is dedicated to those of you who think your jobs are tedious and boring. I am here to show you how bad things can actually get. Last week I went with my husband to Ohio where we and about a thousand other nerdy language teachers convened to grade the Advanced Placement Spanish Exam given to high school students all over the country. For those of you who are unaware, it is an exam that earns high school students university credits.

We are always put in the speaking section, so along with about 700 other people we listen to student recordings all day, every day. 8am to 5pm. ALL. DAY. FOR. TEN. DAYS.


Now, just so you know, it wasn’t ALL just sitting there. Oh no, there was some variety:

Sometimes we stood while we graded.


So, you know, just keep that in mind next time things get a little dull and remind yourself that it could be worse. I am sure when Syndel Daviau at Secrets released this group gift Dee-jay hair she had no idea it would be used so ignominiously!

The nice thing about the dullness of the job is that your clothes don’t get messed up too much, (no chalk dust!) so you can wear your most delicate and breakable jewelry! I absolutely adore this Noir ensemble from Jake Kearny.


In then end we survived, all exams were graded, and now school vacation can officially begin!


Hair: .::S::. Dee-Jay – Charcoal (Group gift June 2011)

Jewelry: -THE Opium Black Onyx-Jewelry by Jake (@ Accessories Fair)

Shirt: {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Top – Ajan Crème

Pants: :::Sn@tch The Office Capris (Brown):::

Shoes: Absolution Grey – Cotton Rose Flats

Bangles: {Zeery} Egyptian Scarab Bangles :: Hammered Silver :: (@Accessories Fair)

Computer: Free Private WiFi Computer 2011 (on Marketplace)

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