Paris Metro and Artistry

Paris Metro has released three new gowns in conjunction with the Wildflower Summer Sale. The gowns I am showing are not the sale gowns, you will find those marked throughout the store. First, the Universal Love Gown. This one is heaven for the girl who is in love with twinkles and sparkles, and the ultimate coolness is the revolving universe on the necklace and bracelet from Artistry by E. I couldn’t capture the revolving in the photo, but believe me. Cool. And magical, and fairytale….need I go on?



Also released are the Golden Galaxy and the Teal Galaxy, gorgeous form-fitting gowns that employ subtle color variation and gradient to provide depth and richness. Endra Graves has created jewelry sets to accompany each gown and they are only available at Paris Metro.





The sale includes beautiful gowns for just 300L—just look for the displays with wildflowers in front of them!


Paris Metro Universal Love Gown

Paris Metro Golden Galaxy Gown

Paris Metro Teal Galaxy Gown


Artistry by E The Harmony Set Special Edition for the Universal Love Gown

Artistry by E The Sylvia Set Special Edition for the Golden Galaxy Gown

Artistry by E The Hope Set Special Edition for the Teal Galaxy Gown

All gowns and jewelry available at Paris Metro.

Hair: ploom-Dusty Beehive-dirt

Eyes: Fashism Steel Blue, Hazel and Mint

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  1. samayalin

    I never wear gowns, but you look so pretty in these… perhaps I should reconsider!

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