On the Red Eye

People who stay up all night are like aliens to me. I have stayed up all night only twice in my life, and neither occasion made me want to consider life as a night owl. However, there are millions of people who just love it, so today I post for them!

First off, some new releases. Wicked Gear has come out with these totally smoking leather pants in several different colors—this particular pair are called Cherry Pie and made me think of a tough, night-loving girl who likes her black leather with a little bit of cute thrown in. My hair today is a new release from Me. called Patricia. Me. does things a bit differently with hair—instead of purchasing the color you want you purchase the hairstyle itself, which comes with a color-change hud. This style has options for base color and streaks. I like it!

And finally, a challenge I just couldn’t resist. Since we are talking red-eye, only Ikon Innovia’s new red addition to his Sunrise line would do. Now usually if you have red eyes then you are either an albino or a vampire—bad news if you happen to like the sun. However, just as with the other imagination-stretching colors that Ikon keeps dishing out, these look absolutely beautiful. It made me think, “Of course, red eyes! Everybody has them, right?!?”

Or at least they should.




Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Dark Red (ML)

Boots: [Gos] Posh Bootie – Obsidian

Pants: !WG! Chika Chika Boom Pants – Cherry Pie

Shirt: **GizzA** Magnetic Corset Black Shirt

Hair: [Me.] Patricia

Skin: Unique Meggan_07

Earrings: **GizzA**white earrings

2 thoughts on “On the Red Eye

  1. Ikon

    Red rawks! Thanks, Eliza!

    Actually there is a place in Denver called Red Rocks – it’s an outdoor amphitheater carved from and surrounded by these reddish rock formations: http://www.redrocksonline.com U2 taped a live show there, and I saw INXS play back in their heyday. It was raining, and Michael Hutchins kept slipping and falling – hard – but he kept getting up and the show went on! And they sounded great.

  2. LisaMun Aronowicz

    The skin looks great on you!

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