My SL Guilty Confessions Meme

This looked like a fun one so here goes:




1. I am a total SL profile stalker. I love to read profiles. I even read my friend’s profiles from time to time to see what updates they have made to them. I love to read what people choose to project as their SL self, and the profiles are so varied…some are inspirational, others comical and some downright frightening. But all are so very entertaining!

2. I am a mesh snob. I know there’s a lot still out there that is not mesh that is of good quality, but I confess to sticking my nose in the air about system pieces, except for layering, for which system pieces are still very useful. My best SL friend keeps telling me mesh is not always better, and he may be right, but my nose is going to stay in the stratosphere until I am tripped and rudely brought to earth. But I don’t think badly of people who cling to system clothes. Okay, yes I do, but I am working on it!!!

3. I don’t take sides in SL disputes. There is a lot of conflict in SL just like in any life, I suppose. I can honestly say that I have never felt 100% sure about any fact or idea in SL. A virtual world is nearly impossible to monitor for truthfulness of any kind, (admit it, it’s even hard to do in RL) so I have to go into it knowing that whatever I see, hear or read is at worst a complete fabrication and at best only one side of the story. Friendship, love, business, family, no matter what anybody says it could be total hogwash. So it’s hard for me to jump on bandwagons and champion causes. As my mama used to say, “you take care of your crap and let others take care of their own crap.” I apply this to all lives.


Hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 22 / Dark Chestnut by Kumii Yoshikawa

Skin: Glam Affair – Margot – Europa by aida Ewing (@Collabor88)

Outfit: Baiastice Didi skirt and Lari top by Sissy Pessoa (@TLC Boutique)

Cat: *SHOP SEU* 2prim anim cat –gray by Seu Ahn

Location: Frog’s Garden

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