This season Masterpiece Theater is showing Downton Abbey, a British period drama about an aristocratic family and its household in the early twentieth century. I am an avid fan of all things period, and particularly British period. However, this is one of the first ones I have ever seen that was not adapted from a novel. In one sense it is great because it is completely new; but on the other hand, I really like being able to go get the book so I can find out what happens without waiting another week!!! Downton Abbey takes place just before the whole British class system starts to break up, and the opulence and beauty of the buildings and clothing are astounding:


This Edwardian treasure from GC looks perfect against this stone staircase. This is a gown that you need help getting into and out of. Where is my ladies’ maid? Regrettably, if I had lived during that period I probably wouldn’t have even rated as high as a ladies’ maid and would have been scrubbing pots in the scullery—I’d never have come close enough to touch a gown like this.


Another lovely contribution of the Edwardians was the bustle skirt. While completely impractical for sitting, I bet it did make sitting up straight easier, because when you sat down you had something to lean up against! The taffeta texture is so realistic could hear the rustle as I changed positions!


Of course a fabulous dress must be set off by fabulous jewelry and for vintage looking pieces Donna Flora is always a great choice.


Now I am off to attend to my duties as lady of the manor! Well, my manor, anyhow, such as it is!

(I am still working on my shadows, how am I doing?)


Gown: *GC* Black Taffeta Evening Gown

Jewelry: Donna Flora VENUS topaz set

Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Tudor Lady Katherine/black

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