Liquid Light

Arkesh Baral released a new line of system and mesh eyes last week. I wore them in one post this week, but they really deserve their own post! If you haven’t tried mesh eyes yet you really should give them a whirl—they are very economical at 99L a pair. And unlike Keshie’s system eyes, the mesh eyes are resizeable. This is a huge plus for me. I usually have to do a little bit of editing to get the size to work right in my eye opening, but it’s worth every bit of extra effort. Here is the difference:

In the photo on the left, the system eyes are admittedly lovely, but the iris larger than looks natural, at least to me. This is a matter of personal taste, of course, and I know that many people probably prefer the larger iris size. The mesh option on the right is set to size 7. Am I being too picky? Oh, maybe. But the option for people to make small changes like this can only be a good thing.


Liquid Light eyes come in the same color combinations as Keshie’s Deep Sky eyes, with some changes to the reflection and the pupil. You can check out the difference here:


You can see that the Liquid Light reflection is a bit more subtle than the Deep Sky and projects a little more depth. Depending on what you want your eyes to reflect either one of these lines is a good choice. I was feeling earthy so I went with mostly greens and browns today, but there are a whole lot more where these came from!


Top Left: Absinthe Shadow
Top Right: Paris Green Shadow
Bottom Left: Dusky Hazel
Bottom Right: Hazel


Top Left: Olive Hazel
Top Right: Molasses
Bottom Left: Red Mahogany
Bottom Right: Espresso

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Emma/Espresso by Catwa Clip

Skin: [HUSH] Grace – Smokey – Cream by Hush Darkrose

Eyes: Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eyes, various by Arkesh Baral

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