Last Period Study Hall

Last period is the hardest period to teach—particularly on Fridays and days before vacation. There’s just something about knowing that free time is near that kills any desire to hit the books. Make that study hall and you have a total and complete buzz kill. Invariably some students will show up late…

Or not at all…


Or show up looking at you as if to say, “Are you seriously going to make me stay here and work until 3pm?”

To which I say “Yes, I am.” Because that is my job.


What I am wearing:

Pants: =DeLa*= Trouser “Nicole” Brown long

Top: The Secret Store – Boheme – Batic Diamonds@The Cellar

Shoes: SLink Tiger Heels Brown

Jewelry: EarthStones Jumoke Carnelian

Hair: AD – dive espresso

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 06 [Nougat] Glow

What Paige is wearing:

Hair: dDx Athena-Darkest

Jersey: [RDG] Red Dog Jockey Jersey

Pants:  Sweat pants for Ladys

Shoes: HOC Swypes

Skin: Mayura – mk nude

Piercing: Fallen Arts Septum Piercing

One thought on “Last Period Study Hall

  1. Mimi Namiboo

    wow, love this photos and the different styles! you both look so cute 🙂

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