Happy Trails

One of my favorite Christmas memories was a family visit to Alaska. During that visit all 15 of us (yes, I have a huge family) piled into a sleigh pulled by four gorgeous black Clydesdales. I have always wanted to live in a place like that, but unfortunately it would mean dealing with 6 months of darkness so I ended up in more temperate climes. During the Tour of Lights this year I visited the Elite Riding Academy sim at Tamarillo, where I saw several beautifully appointed carriage and sleighs pulled by the gorgeous horse avatars from Elite Equestrian. They are still running so you can try them out if you like. I enjoyed them so much that I wanted to put one on my homestead at Studland Bay, so I have rented one from Elite Equestrian. You can purchase all the materials and lay the trail yourself, but I found it easier and more cost effective for the time being to rent. It is an actual avatar bot that pulls the sled, but the team at Elite Equestrian will help you customize your carriage or sleigh and help you choose a horse. The other difference between this and other rides is that you cannot call the horse at will, it does a continual loop and pauses at stops for people to get on. Still, it is a gorgeous set up and the Elite Equestrian team was helpful and happy to explain the process. I do hope to learn how to do it myself eventually, but for now I am enjoying the carriage ride around the estate. Studland Bay is public access but it is not fully landscaped yet, but if you want to get a closer look please feel free to visit.

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.






Horse avatar: RealHorse Percheron by EliteEquestrian

Wagon: Spider Phaeton by EliteEquestrian

Location: Studland Bay

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